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Style Lessons To Pick Up From Priyanka Chopra
Style Lessons To Pick Up From Priyanka Chopra
11 th Jul 2018

There are some people who are born to be in the spotlight and Priyanka Chopra is clearly one of them. She made a splash on the international stage after bagging the Miss World title and quickly catapulted that fame into a raging Bollywood acting career. Priyanka shares the credit for some powerhouse performances and mega commercial successes. And that’s usually where the story ends for most beauty queens turned actresses. They either settle into a life of quiet domesticity with a billionaire husband and some kids or disappear into oblivion. But not the versatile Priyanka Chopra!

Just when everyone wrote her off as a has-been about to retire, she shocked them all by pulling off one of the biggest coup in Indian entertainment history. She tapped into her hidden talent for crooning and released a number of hit singles in collaboration with international artists like Pitbull, Jay Sean, Sam Watters and Matthew Koma. The response to her musical talents was encouraging but not enough to resurrect her fledgling career. However PeeCee wasn’t going down without a tough fight. She used her connections in the music industry in Los Angeles to lobby with television show producers for a possible opportunity on the small screen. The gamble paid off as she starred in ABC Network’s Quantico as one of the central characters. The show was a success and the rest as they say is history.

The exotic combination of her Indian lineage, immense talent and quick-witted conversations made Priyanka Chopra a household name in America especially with the Indian community settled there. It was a clearly untapped market that Priyanka had managed to conquer with her keen business acumen. A role in Baywatch followed close on the heels of her television show and Priyanka had permanently cemented her place in Hollywood. Frequently appearing as the star guest on popular talk shows, making her mark at major fashion events and even being invited as Meghan Markle’s guest to the British Royal Wedding, there is no doubt that Priyanka Chopra has well and truly arrived!

With news of her dating rock star Nick Jonas doing the rounds recently, it seems like everything she touches turns to gold. But one cannot deny the hard work and perseverance that has gone into this level of stardom. Fashion has been an integral part of this journey because Priyanka has shrewdly used its power to stand out amongst a sea of gorgeous faces and stunning bodies. She understands the importance of on-point styling and never disappoints. Here are a few key lessons all of us can learn from this veritable chameleon of style and flair.

Priyanka Chopra's Stylish Basics

Everyone has their dressed down days but PeeCee knows that there is no such thing for a celebrity. She does effortlessly chic basics like no other, acing her airport and casual looks. Even in her most de-glam look, she manages to exude star power with smart layering and statement accessories.

PC | Stylish Basics

Priyanka Chopra’s Casual Looks

Priyanka Chopra's Edgy LBDs

The party staple and every woman’s best friend – The LBD is a wardrobe essential even for an international superstar. But it wouldn’t be Priyanka Chopra if she didn’t put her own spin on the classic style. She rocks edgy LBDs with daring cutouts, mixed textures and varying lengths at a plethora of events. Take a cue from her style and look for your very own LBD with a difference or check out our other article for snazzy summer appropriate alternatives.

PC | Edgy LBD

Priyanka Chopra’s Fashion Forward LBDs

Priyanka Chopra's Slinky Solids

Black isn’t the only colour in her style repertoire as Priyanka also embraces solid hues that compliment her lusciously dusky complexion. When sporting a colour from head to toe it’s important that the shade flatters your own skin tone and PeeCee knows exactly what works for her. She’s also not afraid to break up the monotony of a single colour with some daring necklines and audacious hemlines.

PC | Slinky Solids

Priyanka Chopra In Solid Colours

Priyanka Chopra's LWDs or The Little White Dress

Speaking of colours there is something extremely pure yet striking about the lack of them as well. Famously worn by most of the Kardashian sisters, the little white dress is the little black dress’ flirtier and sexier twin. Just as with the LBDs, Priyanka knows how to blend textures and silhouettes into a basic colour. She also proves that the often-misleading virginal white can be seductively sultry as well.

PC | Little White Dress

Priyanka Chopra’s Classy & Sexy LWDs

Priyanka Chopra's Floral Gowns

When it comes to floral prints especially on the red carpet, many celebrities are averse to the idea. They fear looking too much like foliage but not Priyanka Chopra. She flaunts her fitted and corseted floral gowns like a boss and carries them off with the breath-taking confidence of a seasoned red carpet maven. While you might not have the opportunity to grace the red carpet, use her looks as inspiration not to shy away from bold flower patterns.

PC | Floral Gowns

Priyanka Chopra In Floral Gowns

Priyanka Chopra's Don’t Fear Extreme Volume

A massive misconception about large volume is that it will drown you if you’re petite or make you look like a tent if you’re larger. Priyanka Chopra rubbishes the theory with her waist cinching voluminous gowns that are absolute perfection. She prevents the looks from looking Victorian by experimenting with the very contemporary ankle length and accessorising with statement shoes.

PC | Extreme Volume

Priyanka Chopra In Voluminous Styles

Priyanka Chopra in Dress The Part

Perhaps, one of the key lessons to take away from Priyanka Chopra’s style legacy would be the ability to dress for the occasion. Never one to be caught looking under or over dressed, PeeCee takes her time to deduce the tone and style quotient of the event. Be it the Royal Wedding or the MET Gala, her outfits are not only appropriate for the occasion but also extremely stylish. Most women seem to think that both these qualities are independent of each other but she proves that it’s possible to fuse both seamlessly into one cohesive look.

PC | Royal Wedding

Priyanka Chopra At The Royal Wedding Ceremony & Reception

PC | Met Gala

Priyanka Chopra At The Met Gala 2018 & 2017



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