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Style hacks from Vidya Balan| Vidya Balan in a red saree
Style Hacks from Vidya Balan
25 th Feb 2015

Vidya Balan is one of the most profound and talented actresses of recent times in Bollywood. Her elegant style, bright eyes and glorious acting performances makes her the Lady of B town. Usually know for her fashion faux pass Vidya Balan’s beauty and confidence do not let her clothes define her! Stepping beyond the conventions of beauty in Indian film industry, she has carved a niche for herself without changing her overall being.

The ability to feel comfortable in one’s skin is certainly one of the attributes of the beautiful actress, who shudders away the fashion police with her ‘I don’t care attitude’ and comes out gleaming with a warm smile.

Vidya Balan belongs to a rare category in the glam industry that does not shy away from plain and simple ethnic wears. She has rocked the red carpet more than once in her elegant cotton sarees and centrally parted hairdos. Vidya Balan’s favouritism for Sarees is due to its ability to flatter her curvy figure and complements her Indian features. Indian women are bulky by ethnicity and a traditional saree is attire that suits Indian women of every age and size. Vidya Balan usually picks up designs by designer Sabyasachi and embraces various options in ethnic wears. She can look gorgeous in bright colours and elegant in dull shades. Her blouses feature bold necklines or backless designs, creating a contra balance of sensuality and elegance. 

Her love for chunky jewellery sometimes goes well with her chosen attire, but on the other hand it sometimes looks far-fetched. Irrespective of what she wears, she always makes the heads turn! Putting aside her fashion disasters one can really pick some positive aspects of Vidya’s style! She is the only actress in Bollywood right now who do not believe in shedding pounds for a zero figure. Yes girls, curvy is beautiful! So stop getting obsessed with your diet plans and feel good about your body.

Vidya Balan in a green and red saree

Vidya Balan can pull a fresh look by letting her tresses fell unbounded by clips and heavy straightening. Long hair and their natural fall will never betray you, so ditch the styling for a refreshing look. Some of Vidya’s best looks are usually minimalist, where the rich fabrics and prints do the talking, without any accessories or jewellery. De-accessorize for a charming appearance in a dress made of plush fabrics and make a minimalist statement.

At the end of the day, achieving the best is what it counts, so relax and let your talent shone while the fashion takes a back seat, just as Vidya Balan do by mesmerising with her soulful performances and intriguing eyes.


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