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Statement Pieces by Roopa Vohra - Stylish Thoughts
Statement Pieces by Roopa Vohra
06 th Nov 2013

Fashion has a lot of dimensions to look at and styling forms a quintessential part of it. It doesn’t matter if you own statement pieces from Dolce and Gabbana or Burberry, if you don’t style it well; you might as well keep it back in that cupboard. Styling defines your overall look in terms of how you wear your makeup and hair, have you got the color coordination right and most importantly have you accessorised yourself well.

We live in a minimalistic era, where less is more. Gone are those days when you would wear all the junkies together. Nowadays, all we need to complete a look is a statement piece and we are good to go. Where most of the people look for something convenient and sleeker, we have the risk takers and experimental individuals who would prefer something different and spectacular which will make them stand out amongst a crowd. If you are one of those people, then Roopa Vohra is the right medium for you.

Roopa is a couture jewellery designer cum entrepreneur and has been in the industry since 1998. Her collection pieces are based on the Thewa art which is a 400-year old Mughal craft that is executed by intricately fusing carved thin sheets of 23-carat gold on to molten and colored glass. Each of her piece has a separate identity design wise but the technique is the same. The delicacy and intricacy with which the ornaments have been made shows impeccable workmanship and artistry. A few of the techniques include creation of alloys, casts, setting moulds and stones with polishing and enamel painting. The ornaments have a uniqueness inspired by fluidity and smoothness further beautified with the amalgamation of gold, colored semi precious stones and diamonds to form an exquisite piece. A lot of her pieces would also see an influence of Kundan work which is one of the finest crafts in India.

Roopa’s pieces exude modern styles and inspirations. Her main elements are gold, silver and ivory with the pieces ranging from necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and earrings with excellent surface skills. Most of the pieces like the cuffs and earrings have Maban stone work which was used by the aboriginal in Australia believed to be the carrier of some mystical magical powers.

Each and every Roopa Vohra piece is elegance personified. Though the entire technique has a strong Indian art and craft character, but the styling reminds you of the Parisian, Baroque and Greek elements. Her statement pieces not only enhance the look but also define an international appeal look wise and maintain an Indian root technique wise. The color palette is mainly gold, copper, silver, and ivory with techniques like basket weave, mesh, engraving with different colored stones. The pieces range from being sleek and sober to voluptuous and detailed etching. Her pieces portray style and classiness with a pinch of romanticism and contemporary aroma.

May it be casuals’ for a regular day out or a classy gown for an evening date; the Roopa Vohra pieces will not only complete your look, but give you a different personality all together. For example, her Greek inspired gold mesh engraved and encrusted with semi precious stones cuffs - will sit beautifully on those wrists with a flowy evening gown or the delicate leaf shaped earrings for a casual meet. May it be a traditional event like a wedding or a simple event like a social gathering, you can find everything that will match your attire and accessorise yourself marvelously. Each and every piece of jewellery is an art in itself and can look elegant on someone who is in their 20’s to 40s.

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