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Spring Ahead with Pastels and Florals
04 th Apr 2015

Here comes the sun and it is time to dump your woollens in favour of spring outfits that are bright, fresh and embrace sunshine like there is no tomorrow. Spring fashion is perhaps the most vibrant of all fashion trends. This is the season when you get to experiment the most with myriad colour palettes and prints. From bright floral prints to elegant pastel outfits, here is what you need to add some spring to your step.


While bright yellows, pinks and oranges are evergreen spring colours, this year, a spring fashion trend to watch out for is the pastel revolution. Pantone predicts a massive move towards the softer and cooler side of the colour spectrum this season. Spring outfits in solid pastels and subtle prints are not just breezy and cool, but also easy on the eye.

Spring Ahead with pastels and floral trends - Pastel Skirt

So if you are gearing up to revamp your wardrobe for spring, you would do well by stocking up on shirts, dresses, tunics and vests in peach, mauve, powder blue and other neutral colours. In case you are picking spring outfits in solid pastels, remember to add that one pop of brightness to your outfit, to avoid the washed out look. If you are feeling inventive, then contrast two pastels and you will most certainly grab eyeballs.


During spring, the one trend that remains in fashion and is a failsafe choice is the floral trend that reflects the spring spirit that is in the air. This year is no different and we’d recommend that you stay on top of this spring fashion trend by investing in versatile spring outfits. This way, your spring wardrobe will be sorted not just for this year but many more years to come!

We suggest you start with floral summer dresses, a bright floral jacket to team with your white shirt, a chic floral gown and most definitely a floral beach tote. Remember to keep all the other aspects of your spring outfit subdued when you wear floral clothing since you don’t want to overdo the spring look!

Your best bet would be to mix a floral outfit with a solid one, preferably in pastel colours. This coral top worn with a floral scarf is one example of a spring outfit that checks all the right boxes when it comes to spring fashion.

Spring Ahead with pastels and floral trends - Pastel and Floral


Clean lines, classic silhouettes and a minimal and uncluttered look is what we predict for this season. So stow away all your junk jewellery and bohemian accessories for now as spring fashion this year stands for serenity and simplicity.

For a comprehensive spring wardrobe, start with the basic spring outfits – a pair of well fitted jeans, an A-line skirt, a couple of comfortable shorts in solid pastel hues. Team the bottomwear with a vest, a top or a shirt in breathable fabrics like cotton. A crisp white shirt is a must have, followed by a floral top or a shirt to tick the floral trend checkbox. With the basics taken care of, we come to the most integral part of the spring wardrobe – dresses!

Spring Ahead with pastels and floral trends - Spring Dresses

The advent of spring calls out for a change to breezy and comfortable dresses that embody the spirit of spring – be it in their prints or their style. It is a given that you must have at least one floral printed dress and one dress in a pastel colour in your spring wardrobe. All you need to do is to wear them with a pair of open toed sandals and a sling bag – a look that you can never go wrong with!

In keeping with the current trend of jumpsuits being in vogue, we’d recommend a bright jumpsuit as well to perk up your spring fashion quotient.  Also, invest in well tailored tunics and shirt dresses in pastel colours or floral prints for they are great spring outfit options for both work and play.

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with your hair, makeup, wardrobe and your entire look. Now that you have the cues about spring fashion trends from us, start revamping your wardrobe now so that you spring ahead in style this season!

Image credit: Jseverydayfashion, refinery29, glamradar, shopmodmint, kaboodle

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