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Sonakshi Sinha’s Bollywood Style Transformation Over the Years
Sonakshi Sinha’s Bollywood Style Transformation Over the Years
13 th May 2015

Sonakshi Sinha's has been in the Bollywood style spotlight since her acting career first began with ‘Dabanagg’ in 2010. Soon after her career took off, she became a fashion stereotype of a traditional Indian woman.

Although Sonakshi is primarily known for her traditional sense of style, she also has her own unique twist of retro-Bollywood and vintage Hollywood, with a slight sixties pin-up vibe. Sinha's often opts for clothing that perfectly complements her curves. 

In 2013, Sonakshi often played it safe when it came to Bollywood style whilst at events and on the red carpet, with traditional Indian saree’s and draped outfits.  She also accompanied most of her outfits with a traditional red bindi and toyed with colour as much as she worked with neutral looks in her wardrobe. But apart from the traditional saris and anarkalis, she was also seen in a number of figure hugging silhouettes in daring lacey materials in sultry shades of deep oxblood and black.

A year later in 2014 and Sinha Sonakshi seemed to have securely figured out her own personal Bollywood style, complete with a thorough fitness routine that showed in the confidence of what she was wearing. Throughout 2014 the actress sported a number of very sleek and stylish looks from Nikhil Thampi, as well as experimenting with more extravagant looks such as a killer fishtail gown and striking spiked headband from Gauri and Nainika. She also began to embrace her lovely curves in sleek waist cinching dressing and stylish mid length A-line skirts.

The actress stated that her personal Bollywood style has always been more casual and simple than most Bollywood ladies, but that losing weight has lead to her experimenting a lot more with her style and has changed her wardrobe a lot since. She also stated that she feels clothes now fit her a lot better and seem the fall nicer than they did before she started her new work out routine, but also that she takes a lot of pride in her curves and they’re something she doesn’t want to loose

Now in 2015, we have seen Sonakshi go through a total style transformation, complete with a new and stylish bob with striking red ends, a big difference from her past long locks! We have also seen her showcase a number of Manish Malhotra’s famous lehengas and sultry gowns. Her Bollywood style on the red carpet has also seen some more novel and quirky twists, with grungy ripped jeans and casual sneakers for a Bollywood movie screening, as well as sporting a lot of her new fashion favourite, Huemn.

Sonakshi Sinha’s Bollywood Style Transformation Over the Years | 2013

Sonakshi Sinha’s Bollywood Style Transformation Over the Years | 2014

Sonakshi Sinha’s Bollywood Style Transformation Over the Years | 2015

Sources: Vogue India

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