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Slim-fit Shirts Puts Indian Men in a Fashion Dilemma
23 rd Jan 2014

According to a research paper, Booming Men Apparel Market in India, the men's apparel industry is dominated by shirts and is growing at a rate of 8 per cent. As a result, retailers have felt encouraged to slim down their shirts not only in urban cities but also in tier-two cities such as Indore and Surat.

Pradeep Hirani, CEO of a fashion retail company, says, "We've seen a rapid rise in slim-fit shirts in the last four or five years, and this year, the demand has peaked.

Why such high demand for slim fits?

Fashion designer Suneet Varma shares his opinion, “I think it's a confidence issue. [Women] feel better wearing something with a tag of 'slimfit'. Same goes for men."

Consequently, most retail spaces have flooded their stores with slim-fits, the trendy item that is believed to magically transform any man, of any shape and size, into a Bollywood hunk.

The Tight Spot

However, this has made shopping nightmarish for those who men who are fully aware of and comfortable with their body size.

Rohit Mehta, a 35-year-old media consultant is sick and tired of this fashion dilemma. "I have a pear-shaped body…these days, the only shirts that are available are slim-fit ones. They make my belly bulge out. Why would I want that?" asks Mehta.

That’s a fair question, and just like Rohit, there are so many other Indian men suffering from this tyranny. These men who are less fortunate in the middle area are being forced to put up with other’s unrealistic dreams to eventually look like Ranbir Kapoor. Let’s be honest, this is a tough reality for most men in their mid-30s and beyond.

True Story

Tanya Singh, a travel writer, shares her incident, "Once, my husband and I went dancing while he was wearing a slim-fit shirt. He's middle-heavy. In the middle of the dance floor, his shirt split at the buttons, and they fell all over the floor. It was so embarrassing.”

So, how to do we solve this shopping nightmare? Comedian and actor Vir Das has the solution, “If we all start wearing slim-fitted shirts and look hideous — which we will — brands will eventually stop making them!" Voila.

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