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31 st May 2012

In a world where fashion is overblown, outdone and hyped up every fashioniser has heard of clashing, graphic overdoses and trend madnesses - which is fun and creative until the next thing comes up, even if there are glipses of eternal styles and mix and match recreation. A manor for longtivity with a fashionable message is always in search.

Just when fashion has increansingly taking clothing to the most insane extremes, accessories are becoming cleverer and ever more creative - with the evermore reknowned term of 'the statement necklace, the statement bracelet, the statement ring...' please don't confuse this with another fashion trend, In this case it's all about keeping a clean palette whilst Accessories are highlighted and amped.

How to:
- Keep it personal: Love the piece because it's an artpiece created just for you, personality and taste come into play here.
- Have fun, Seriously: Don't be scared to take leaps into experimenting, whether it's chunky or delicate, gold or silver, the right accessory can define your look.
- Layer it up: Bring things together, from travel, to beautiful finds to the most interesting designers. This will definately add depth and interest.

Please Don't:
- Be a follower: Just pick up what everyone is talking about
- Over dose: Statement accessories means everything else should be simple (hope hair and make up are listening)
- Cut corners: Quality is essential in accessories, quality means you'll wear the piece for years, you'll continue loving it and quality of the accessory reflects of 'expensiveness' of your complete look.

Statement Accessories are more than just a fashion find, it's a hobby, a creative expression and in some cases an intense addiction - See you at Accessory Rehab.

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