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Siddartha Tytler's Bridal Asia Collection-Stylish Thoughts
Siddartha Tytler's Bridal Asia Collection
06 th Mar 2013

If we spoke about androgyny as a trend, then one can certainly say that Indian Fashion Designer Siddartha Tytler has mastered the art.

Skilfully crafting the so called "essentially men's silhouette" the jacket or coat has been given a tender woman's tailoring, yet not losing the power and grace that it has held for scores of years. Creating these in varied lengths and with designs that range from fitted to cluttered-at-the-waist, he has opened the door to viewing the garment with multiple interpretations.

The consistent usage of high necks depicts how he likes to keep his designs regal and formal, softening them with drapes and delicate, detailed embroidery. Case in point: he teams them with flowing ghaghras for a traditional appeal or pairs them with structured trousers to tap the sensibility of a professional woman's all leaving an empowered you! Interestingly, his versatility comes to the fore.

It wouldn't be wrong to call him a sucker for gold - the liberal use of the colour in fabrics, threads, borders and even sequins unravels his love for opulence and brightness. Only a talent can balance the overpowering hue with the monochrome "black or white" to create a fairy-like outfit that decodes itself in the modern day.

We couldn't take our eyes off his dhoti-style-sari arrangement which makes for an absolute showstopper! The OTT use of sequins hasn't gone out of our notice with us and we must admit, this excess has only pleased our inner fashion diva.

Brownie point: As much as we fell for his floral and abstract designs, the geometrics also took a new avatar. The least to say, he really does know how to bring out the best in every element.

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