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Four Fashionable Indians | See the Hottest Trends in Indian Street Style
See the Hottest Trends in Indian Street Style
17 th Mar 2016

Indian street style is as varied and diverse as the country itself.

While you have the Delhiites dressing in the best of the brands from head to toe, you’d find the Bombaywallahs dressed practically, to tackle the humid weather.

The fashion down south is more conservative whereas that in the east is a fabulous medley of contemporary lines with a unique local touch.

No matter where you are in Indian you are likely to see some funky Indian street wear fit for the very best fashion catwalks.

We think that keeping up with the latest street fashion photography is the best way to learn about the newest Indian street style.

So without further ado, we are going to look at the best of Indian street fashion as worn by a host of stylish Indians who set the trends in street fashion in India with their effortless good taste and fashion forward views. 

Ikat Chic

Indian Street Style Fashion Trends - Ikat Mumbai

Mumbai is a city where it is not the label but your style and the attitude with which you carry your clothes that matter. Case in point - this chic pantsuit that Tania got her tailor to sew for her for a throwaway price from Ikat fabric that she had to hand. Indian street fashion in Mumbai is so like this outfit - wear clothes that are comfortable, that beat the heat and at the same time reflect a style that is unique to you.

Relaxed Fusion Wear

Indian Street Style Fashion Trends - Abhilasha Fusion Wear

If you walked into some of the hippest cafes in Mumbai, you’d find girls in tees and tank tops paired with pyjamas or patiala pants mirroring the Indian street style mantra of expressing their individuality through their outfits. To know what we are talking about, simply take a look at the outfit put together by Abhilasha, who writes on the fashion blog - Looking Good Feeling Fab. She’s wearing a sleeves white shirt with tie and dye harem pants and completes the look with oxidised silver jewellery - exuding a relaxed and breezy countenance that is so perfect for the summer season.

Dressed to the Nines

Indian Street Style Fashion Trends - Rati Delhi

Indian street style in Delhi is a stark contrast to that in Mumbai - you’d find the Delhi girls carefully putting together their look so that everything about it is perfect in a way that it reflects their status. One of the most influential fashion bloggers from Delhi who has wowed us with her outfit choices every single time is Rati Tehri Singh, who catalogues her Indian street style in a blog called Faux Pas! In this look, you’ll find her in a 431-88 top, a monochrome Zara skirt, beaded Louboutins and a Lulu Guinness clutch, topped with a Rajesh Pratap Singh jacket (and now, we’ll pause for breath). A label heavy look, but striking nevertheless, don’t you agree?

Checked Glory

Indian Street Style Fashion Trends - Akanksha Burberry

Fierce winters in Delhi means that the Indian street style during winter is replete with trench coats, boots, mufflers and lots of layers that one does not get to see in Mumbai or Bangalore. Nailing one such winter look is ace fashion blogger Akanksha Redhu dressed in Burberry from head to toe. She totally reflects the fact that Delhi is more in sync with the latest trends in Indian street style and is definitely more elite than the rest of the country.

Cosmopolitan South

Indian Street Style Fashion Trends - Manvi Bangalore

Gone are the days when one considered only Delhi and Mumbai while talking about the latest fashion trends or the most prominent Indian street styles. With increased exposure, access to global brands and a platform to showcase their style, a new league of south Indian street style fashion bloggers are totally giving Mumbai and Delhi bloggers a run for their money. One such blogger is Manvi Gandotra whom we love for her unique taste that is simple and yet so appealing. Her personal style is a good mix of high street labels and custom made pieces which she puts together so effortlessly to cut a flawless picture. Don’t just take our word for it though - see for yourself as to how she has styled this simple pair of palazzo pants with a basic black top and interesting accessories.

Now that you have seen what trends are ruling Indian street style, do tell us what your personal street style is like! Are you also into brands or would you rather wear something that is comfortable and practical while you are out on the streets? Do you like colours and kitsch or do you go in for chic and classy pieces? We’d love to know and hope that this post has given you plenty of inspiration!

Image credit: akanksharedhu, styleinked, fashion.makeupandbeauty, lookinggoodfeelingfab, wearabout

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