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Shilpa Shetty Wearing Sarees
Saree Inspiration from Stunning Shilpa Shetty
03 rd Mar 2014

Yummy-Mummy Shilpa Shetty managed to wow all viewers throughout the season of Nach Baliye 6. Every episode, without fail, Shilpa managed to wear something unique and stunning, ultimately becoming the star of the show. Additionally, each different outfit was dressed up with artfully applied make-up and to add to all of this, she carried it off with the utmost confidence.

This Bollywood diva donned various styles, from sarees with unconventional twists to ravishing two-piece suits, ranging from bold and sensuous to softly feminine & elegant. But what made these styles look even more glamorous is the envious hourglass figure which this mother of one owns, leaving all viewers spellbound. Beauty, style and a perfect body- she has it all.

The stunner who never failed to impress, made it clear throughout the show that her favourite attire is a saree, and our three favourite ones were:

a) The red saree gown that she looked drop dead gorgeous in; its glossy fabric fell perfectly on her silhouette, encapsulating her figure, which brought out the fashion goddess in her.

b) This is one of her less revealing outfits, but she has yet again made her own style in this vintage looking pale gold saree. The delicate pleats, sheer long sleeves along with a bun and gorgeous make-up highlighted the classy and chic mother and actress that she is.

c) This style icon impressed us again when she looked ravishing in a black saree with gold embroidery, which had a sheer blouse revealing her sexy toned back. This outfit, surely made her the star of the night! Shilpa has definitely proved that sarees can make you look sexy and stylish.

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