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Roopa Vohra's Jewellery Collection - Stylish Thoughts
Roopa Vohra's Jewellery Collection
02 nd Apr 2013

Who would not be left mesmerised by midas touch in Roopa Vohra's collection. She has added her own spark to the splendour and aura of gold by interpreting it in several innovative ways.

Roopa Vohra's collection, if it could be described in one word - we wouldn't be afraid to pick "versatile". She has created a plethora of formations, each as worthy of envy, as the other. One can see that she has showered all her love on cuffs and earrings, the two statement jewellery pieces for the season.

While one cannot deny her creative use of stones to add glint and glamour to otherwise mundane pieces of metal, what is strikingly evident and equally beautiful is her rendition through the craft of filigree. She has taken up this ever-so-stunning form of jewellery design and coloured it in her distinctive personality.

Hence, each piece comes alive with a unique story to narrate for itself. Also, what catches our eye is her fondness for all things nature - whether it is flora or fauna, they have surely played their part in inspiring her to put together this magnificent collection. Animal motifs and floral patterns indicate how one can still be close to nature in their most modernist form.

In fact, what makes this concept so spectacular is that even though she has gone back to the fundamental aesthetics, she has added the asset of functionality to each piece. All the more, they are constructed with such a tasteful palette that they can accompany your uber sensual western ensembles or adorn the classic beauty of traditional garments.

What remains unchanged though is that these pieces will stand out no matter what they are teamed with.

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