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The Rise of the Sari in 2015 | Top Sari Catwalk Pick's from 2015
The Rise of the Sari in 2015
22 nd Jun 2015

The traditional Indian Sari is a garment that continues to evolve year in year out. Not only has the traditional weave and silhouette been edited and reclaimed in the recent years, but new upcoming designers are also now tweaking the original saree style to fit the needs and wants of contemporary fashion. Now in 2015, a sari walks the line between couture occasion wear and a symbol of “traditional Indian culture.”

Masaba Gupta’s fresh and exciting prints are an example of the up-rise of new sari styles that are being brought into the forefront of the fashion world, not only in India but Globally.

With Bollywood’s endorsement, the traditional Indian sari is quickly moving to front and centre once again, with Bollywood celebrities such as Sonam Kapoor advocating their versatility on both on the red carpet and to global events. Almost all of the recent fashion weeks displayed a variety of sari’s, including sari gowns, traditional bridal outfits, and even cocktail party outfit’s, further rendering their accessibility to both Indian and Western women.    

What’s categorised as a ‘good’ traditional Indian sari isn’t just about the six yards anymore, the blouse also plays an important part, and designers certainly aren’t ignoring it. For example, Kallol Datta teams his sari designs with jackets and even jumpers and belts.

One of the first actresses to ever showcase a traditional Indian sari on the red carpet was Mandira Bedi, with her veteran fashion tip to make two blouses for each sari - one that is traditional and one that is contemporary and somewhat western.

Stylist Aparna Chandra, also known a woven-sari devotee, has been known to give advice on pairing sari’s with the right blouse. She stated that when wearing a woven sari, you don’t always need to wear the matching blouse that comes with the sari, and that you should choose a woven piece that contrasts in either colour or pattern!

Below see our top pick 2015 sari’s straight from catwalk:

The Rise of the Sari in 2015 | Gaurav Gupta

The Rise of the Sari in 2015 | Kallol Dutta

The Rise of the Sari in 2015 | Nachiket Barv

The Rise of the Sari in 2015 | Payal Pratap


Sources: Vogue India

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