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Rhea by Rima Jain - Colourful Statement Jewellery
Rhea by Rima Jain - Colourful Statement Jewellery
04 th Dec 2015

Statement jewellery is fast becoming the quick, effortless and chic rescue for it-girls on the move.

It’s a luscious solution to those never ending days at work that end with happy hour drinks, a dinner date or simply catching up with friends.

Statement neckpieces, earrings, cuffs, bracelets and rings have become versatile pieces in the fashion arsenal of every stylish diva.

These bold, colourful and attention grabbing pieces are ideal to take a simple outfit from drab to fab with one quick swap of an accessory.

The words “Statement Jewellery” uttered together conjure up images of fabulous baubles that are utterly drool-worthy but also equally pricey in direct proportionality. For those who hate the science of proportions it very simply boils down to the fact that the gorgeousness of the piece will burn an equally not-so-gorgeous hole in your pockets. But just like all that glitters is not gold, not every piece of beautiful statement jewellery will need you to seriously re-think your groceries for the rest of the month.

Rhea by Rima Jain is a line of colourful statement jewellery that is truly dazzling and won’t break the bank. Rima curated and created her label Rhea in 2008 following her passion for the delicate beauty of jewellery and continuing her family’s legacy in the diamond jewellery business. She realised that the permanent nature of fine diamond jewellery owing to its hefty price tag was a setback for women who wanted to be more experimental in their jewellery choices. As a young fashionista herself who enjoys the changing trends and evolving fashions she understood this need for affordable and stylish jewellery and went about creating her own line – Rhea. The pieces are handcrafted, primarily set in brass and fused with different coloured stones offering a mixed bag of styles suitable for every palette.

Sidestepping the usual fare of outfit combos with statement necklaces or earrings, we thought it would be more interesting to focus on Rhea’s statement bracelets instead. Lets face it, a sparkly neckpiece or earrings are always nice but unless you’re taking a selfie or looking at a reflection, both categories of jewellery are more for the benefit of those looking at you than for yourself. While hand jewellery has the ability to make you feel oh-so-pretty sipping on that glass of chardonnay or slogging away on your laptop as you have the pleasure of seeing the trinkets yourself.

Look 1:

The Woven Pine Bracelet features hammered gold interlocking rings with electric emerald crystals for a vibrant pop of colour and small faceted stones that create depth and texture. Pair this delicate yet eye-catching piece with Sougat Paul’s Stylish Forest Green Jumpsuit for a look that balances the structural tailoring of the jumpsuit with the intricate detailing of the bracelet wonderfully. 

Rhea by Rima Jain - Colourful Statement Jewellery | Bracelet 1 Final



Look 2:

Go full throttle glam with some creative mixing of bracelets. Stack together the Pearls and Clear Stone Bracelet and Champagne Stone Drop Bracelet for a handful of sparkle and shine. The similar colour palette of the stones and thin band on both bracelets make the pairing absolutely perfect. Wear both pieces with the Versatile Beige Crepe Jumpsuit by Sougat Paul for a look that’s dripping with luxe styling. 

Pearls and Clear Stone Bracelet and Champagne Stone Drop Bracelet | Colourful Statement Jewellery


Look 3:

From the decidedly decadent to fairly minimalistic, team the Lovely Clamp Dyed Dress by Myoho with the Wicked Coal Bracelet for a seamless pairing or the Sapphire Coal Bracelet for a pop of contrasting colour with the monochromatic dress. Both bracelets are set in dull gold with rough and natural Onyx crystals in the former piece and Capri Blue crystals in the latter. 

 Sapphire Coal Bracelet and Lovely Clamp Dyed Dress | Colourful Statement Jewellery


Look 4:

The Nectar Joy Bracelet paired with Swatee Singh’s Elegant High Collar Dress is a classic and subtle combination that can work for a myriad of social and formal engagements. Five rows of gold links with white faceted stones and pearl crystals finished off with sparkling accents make this statement bracelet an instantly attractive yet versatile accessory for any wardrobe. 

 The Nectar Joy Bracelet and Elegant High Collar Dress | Colourful Statement Jewellery


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