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Refresh Your Mini Skirt Game With These Inspirations
Refresh Your Mini Skirt Game With These Inspirations
01 st May 2019

The mini skirt is truly a summer wardrobe hero and pretty much a staple in every fashion maven’s closet. High street versions in denim, textures, suede, fringes, embroidery and lots more, are available at every major brand. But luxe labels are also constantly revolutionizing this classic silhouette. It’s fascinating how many variations and versions can be made possible from not that much fabric or garment space. Possibly why, the cause of the mini skirt has been championed since forever by street stylistas and celebrity divas.

We all have mini skirts in our closets and the wonderful thing about them is that they always make a come back. The styling might change and the iteration more updated but be rest assured that a well fitted mini skirt is a worthy investment. Ofcourse we are speaking strictly of more standard styles in denim, cotton and suede and not of fad trendy ones that only last one or two seasons. Infact the versatility of mini skirts is so pronounced that even A-listers in Hollywood and Bollywood don’t shy away from recycling their own.

If you thought that mini skirts were just for your days at school or college and don’t suit women after a particular age then you couldn’t be more wrong. With the appropriate styling and accessories, a mini skirt can be worn by women of all ages. Obviously a certain degree of being in shape is mandatory when sporting a mini skirt but don’t let those body shamers stop you from rocking your favourite piece if you absolutely love it.

Everyone from new-kids-on-the-block like Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria to seasoned style mavens like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif have been spotted in a mini skirt. Beating the scorching Indian summer heat while looking effortlessly cool and stylish. Here are our absolute favourite looks to help you put together your own celebrity approved mini skirt outing.


The easiest and most timeless style swap for summer is a denim skirt. The material was considered dated for a short while but with the resurgence of everything 1990s, the denim skirt is back as well. This time it’s all about detailing on the denim skirt with accents like steel buttons and fringes giving it an updated look.

Mini Skirts | Denim

Pooja Hegde & Shraddha Kapoor In Denim Mini Skirts


Many people have extreme reactions to skorts. They either love them for the dual comfort of shorts with the flair of a skirt or absolutely hate them for their silhouette identity crisis. It’s probably because the skort is often a tricky mini skirt to pull off if you’re not immaculately toned. The skirt flap can look abhorrently misplaced if you have a pooch or thick thighs. Whatever your relationship with this controversial mini skirt style, it’s definitely making the rounds amongst the glam set. There are lots of new skort adaptations out there so there has never been a better time to find one that flatters your frame.

Mini Skirts | Skort

Shraddha Kapoor In Skort Minis


You know those days when the weather is just ridiculously unpredictable? It could be while you’re on holiday or unfortunately just where you live. But everyone has had those dreaded style conundrums of how to dress in a mini skirt when it goes from sunny to nippy every few hours. Co-ords do the trick when you want to look glam but also weather appropriate. The mini skirt and jacket combinations in different prints, fabrics and textures are a game changer. For truly summer worthy co-ords, pick a set with a super cute crop top instead of a jacket.

Mini Skirts | Co-ords

Tara Sutaria & Ananya Panday In Mini Skirt Co-ords


Then there are off duty days when you just want to throw something on and get on with things. You might not want to spend those precious minutes when you’re already late, trying to figure out an outfit, so a relaxed mini skirt with almost any kind of top is your answer. These skirts are ideal for low-key casual dressing especially for humid summer days when you can’t bear to be in anything too fitted.

Mini Skirts | Relaxed

Tara Sutaria In Relaxed Mini Skirts


Mini skirts with glitzy detailing have been a clubbing uniform since the disco era and things haven’t changed even now. It’s almost a norm for teenyboppers to put on their shortest short skirt when heading for a night out but we’re talking of something a little more refined. Mini skirts with intricate embroidery or interesting accents can be styled with slightly off beat blouses and shirts for a sophisticated take on the conventional trend. This styling trick will easily take you from after work drinks to a dinner date to an after party without a single outfit change.

Mini Skirts | Embellshed

Shraddha Kapoor & Katrina Kaif In Embellished Mini Skirts


The ultimate in modern mini skirts are the latest textured versions that are everywhere. Comic bubbles, pop art shapes, unusual fabrics and statement fades are ruling the roost when it comes to the most on-point mini skirts this season. Depending on the overall styling these mini skirts can be worn pretty much anywhere you want to turn heads and stand out. Look for a versatile pair and let it become your statement piece this summer as your make your way through endless BBQs, brunches, pool parties and outdoor picnics.

Mini Skirts | Textured

Khushi Kapoor, Jhanvi Kapoor & Deepika Padukone In Textured Mini Skirts



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