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Quirky Indian Dress Designers - Our Top 5 | Banner
Quirky Indian Dress Designers - Our Top 5
26 th Apr 2015

Indian designer dresses have forever been associated with elaborate traditional outfits. Most Indian designers catered to the elite sections of the society with their haute couture ensembles. However, with evolving trends and changing times, the designers have woken up to the need to cater to the masses and are designing affordable pret lines that are going off the racks like hot cakes.

With the demand for ready to wear clothing increasing, there is a newer breed of designers who are letting their imagination run wild and coming up with quirky and unconventional Indian designer dresses that appeal to the youth – the target group that these lines cater to. Here is a look at the top 5 designers in India who are redefining fashion with their quirky and fun to wear ensembles.

1. Masaba Gupta

Quirky Indian Dress Designers - Our Top 5  - Masaba Gupta

The queen of quirk, Masaba Gupta has redefined Indian contemporary clothing with prints like lipsticks and telephones on her clothes. Her spunky Indian designer dresses reflect her edgy style and yet retain a feminine touch. She says that her designs are spurred by colours and their vibrancy rather than prints which have actually gone on to become her trademark. Often imitated, Masaba Gupta remains the torch bearer for quirky designs in India.

2. Kallol Datta

Quirky Indian Dress Designers - Our Top 5 -  Kallol Datta

Digital prints and taboo subjects are what Kallol Datta expresses through his expressive clothes. His irreverence is reflected in the silhouettes, embellishments and prints that one gets to see in his outfits. We would call his prints unconventional more than quirky, simply because his line of clothing tries to deal with some serious issues plaguing women. With plunging necklines, graphic prints, unusual slits and bulging silhouettes he has tried to address issues like celebrating womanhood and oppression of women.

3. Yogesh Choudhary

Quirky Indian Dress Designers - Our Top 5  - Yogesh Choudhary

If you keenly follow the Indian fashion circuit, you must have noticed fashionistas like Sonam Kapoor in Pac Man printed sarees and dresses. The man responsible for putting the arcade game creatures onto Indian designer dresses is none other than Yogesh Choudhary. Oversized shirts, jumpsuits, blouses and sarees were a part of his super popular collection that went on to make waves in the fashion world. If you are looking for something that is cool, quirky and lots of fun, then a Yogesh Choudhary outfit will certainly not disappoint!

4. Manish Arora

Quirky Indian Dress Designers - Our Top 5  - Manish Arora

He is known as the king of kitsch. When other designers in the country were busy conforming to norms, Manish Arora was breaking barriers and coming up with wild and quirky designs with psychedelic prints. One of the India’s most recognised faces in the international fashion circuit, Indian designer dresses by Manish Arora will be an evergreen addition to your wardrobe.

5. Shift by Nimish Shah

Quirky Indian Dress Designers - Our Top 5  - Nimish Shah

Urban and sophisticated, Shift by Nimish Shah comprises of Indian designer dresses inspired by simplicity and modernity. The reason he figures in the list is because his tops, dresses and skirts in local textiles like Khadi and organic cotton are adorned with extremely impressive and appealing geometric, floral and retro prints. Indian designer dresses by Nimish Shah are widely popular for their comfort and chic-quotient.

While we keep an eye out for more such designers with unconventional offerings, why don’t you tell us if you have a favourite quirky print that you never tire of! 

Image credit: Jugni Style, Pinkvilla, High Heel Confidential, In On It, Vlink You

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