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Anushka Sharma's Designer Shoe Fetish
A Quick Peek At Anushka Sharma's Designer Shoe Fetish
27 th Jul 2019

Anushka Sharma’s life as a Bollywood A-lister and wife of India’s cricket captain Virat Kohli is the stuff of modern day fairy tales. The self made star who worked hard at her craft and achieved great heights was like many other top actresses, a model before she made her foray into movies. Needless to say that exposure to exhaustive luxury labels both domestic and international was definitely the learning experience that honed her own style aesthetic.

Anushka is a true chameleon adept at stepping out in structured ensembles one day and flirting with off-duty boho chic attire the next. Her jet setting life of brand endorsements, film shoots, movie promotions and sports appearances mandate a level of versatility that she has effortlessly mastered. It’s rare to find her in the kind of all-out sexy looks we’re accustomed to seeing on her contemporaries because she’s always been a comfort over fashion kind of dresser. Something her stylists ensure remains the key ingredient for all of her outings regardless of the occasions.

It might seem like a no-brainer that the girl-next-door image Anushka clearly propagates is all about flats, sneakers, sandals and mules when it comes to footwear. But that couldn’t be further from the truth especially when you do a hawk eye search of all the high-end labels often seen on her. Just like her outfits she moves effortlessly through opposing shoe styles from modest sneakers to sky-high heels. Her sharp wardrobe picks are always on point whether it’s something simple like an airport look or something deliciously ravishing on the red carpet. The footwear always accentuates her outfits and that’s what makes her shoe collection truly covetable.


Even when it comes to the most basic shoes, Anushka has a variety of enviable styles to boast. No boring flats will do when you’re playing in the major leagues and Anushka’s shoe wardrobe is definitely up to the challenge. Leather Chloe sandals and pointed toe Christian Louboutin ballerinas are totally par for the course for Anushka’s many work commitments. Closely followed by Birkenstock sandals, Gucci mules and Dior slides for casual dos.

Anushka Sharma | Flats 1

Anushka Sharma In Chloe Sandals & Christian Louboutin Ballerinas

Anushka Sharma | Flats 2

Anushka Sharma In Birkenstock Sandals, Gucci Mules & Dior Slides


Anushka’s expansive collection of trainers is every sneaker-head’s wet dream as it features the best of the best in the category. Her shoe closet that clearly requires no jostling for space like us mere mortals includes sneakers for any and all dressing needs. Whether she’s in travel mode at the airport, nailing a head-to-toe athleisure look or taking a break in a relaxed sweatshirt and skirt set, Anushka’s shoe wardrobe doles out a worthy sneaker for every ensemble. Oscillating between ultra luxury like Givenchy to drool-inducing Yeezy to the much more accessible Puma, Anushka is all about find the right pair to elevate her off-the-cuff looks.

Anushka Sharma | Sneakers 1

Anushka Sharma In Givenchy & Puma X Trapstar London Sneakers

Anushka Sharma | Sneakers 2

Anushka Sharma In Puma & Yeezy Mafia Sneakers


Of course no shoe collection is complete without some sky-high beauties that will knock the socks off the competition at major social gatherings. Even though Anushka is often partial to the charms of cosy footwear she understands that when rubbing shoulders with the upper echelons of entertainment and sports, it’s imperative to dress the part. Keeping in line with the latest in fashion, her footwear is always carefully curated to compliment a killer ensemble. She understands the value of truly beautiful and perfectly fitted heels and isn’t too bothered about splashing out on some truly exceptional pairs. Christian Louboutin pumps are a clear favourite of hers as she’s favoured the ostentatious red sole for several fashionable outings. But as with all other shoe silhouettes, Anushka is well versed with the art of mixing it up. Stunning strappy heels like Alexandre Birman ankle ties, Aquazzura shoe boots and even decidedly high street Intoto heeled sandals have been brought into action by Anushka to up her style game.

Anushka Sharma | Pumps


Anushka Sharma In Christian Louboutin Pumps

Anushka Sharma | Strappy Heels

Anushka Sharma In Alexandre Birman, Aquazzura & Intoto Strappy Heels



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