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Printed Fabulousness For All Occasions From Strand Of Silk
Printed Fabulousness For All Occasions From Strand Of Silk
02 nd Oct 2019

As you get ready to say goodbye to the last vestiges of sunshine and prepare for the gloomy days of autumn and winter, prints might be the last thing on your mind. The chilling phrase ‘Winter Is Coming’ has certainly evolved into millions of other connotations after the hit fantasy series Game Of Thrones. But just because you associate the season with dark dreary colours and bulky fabrics doesn’t mean it has to be so forever. Infact don’t you think a bit of print infusion might just be the welcome respite from the bleak weather outside?

Instead of blending into the crowd of blacks, greys and browns, stand out with some printed pieces that are normally reserved for sunnier times of the year. We certainly aren’t suggesting ditching sensible dressing altogether and milling about in freezing temperatures in ultra-thin fabrics. But for those days when you have the luxury of being indoors and getting from place to place in a car or taxi, it’s certainly not the worst idea to mix things up with your winter wardrobe.

The dipping mercury might not be a concern for some of you as you might have the pleasure of living in perennially warm climates. You might even be looking forward to some cooling down but prints are just a fashion staple in your closet. Adding a few more stunning picks is always on the agenda for you because it’s just so easy to get lots of wear from printed outfits. Indeed the shelf life of trends in prints is certainly more than that of in-season colours since they tend to be cyclical and long lasting. Meaning that printed outfits are certainly worth the constant investment.


Prints and brunch go together so beautifully that it’s hard to ever go wrong with the combination. When you’re up for some daytime chic with a flair of boho as you while away the hours chatting with friends and soaking up the carefree vibe, look to prints to reflect your mood. Layered and long silhouettes are certainly going to be more cold weather appropriate but if you’re willing to bundle up in a cosy coat on the commute then there is no reason for you to ditch the shorter hemlines. For those who have sunshine everyday picking something maxi or midi is a sure fire way to elevate your look.

Printed | Brunch 2


Giant Floral Printed Jacket Set by Siddartha Tytler

Brick Red Layered Jumpsuit by Anushree Agarwal

Tuscany Yellow Dress by The Blended Threads

Pretty Floral Tunic by Prisha by Shivesh


Things start to get tricky when it comes to a mish mash of prints with a fancy dinner. It’s kind of an unwritten code of dressing that prints tend to be favoured for more casual occasions. But this is your chance to throw out the handbook and make your own rules. Printed outfits with interesting design elements and luxe fabrics can look just as elegant as solid colours. Be sure to tone down any separates and accessories in the rest of your ensemble, to allow the printed garment to shine. For cooler weather pick and choose your printed outfits in heavier fabrics or simply layer with neutral colours. Warm weather needs no such considerations. But you must ensure that your chosen print has a decidedly evening vibe to it so it can be dinner appropriate.

Printed | Dinner

Midnight Mesh Drape Tunic by Anushree Agarwal

Blush Pink Handkerchief Drape Dress by Kanelle

Giselle by Pable

Off White Gorgeous Printed Gown by Aida

Night Out

It’s all too easy to pick black for a night out and be on your way. While there is no denying that a LBD is always a great choice, sometimes it’s good to shake things up as well. Shock your crew with some print-tastic inspirations and you won’t be sorry you kicked that old party wardrobe to the curb. Pick your printed pieces based on your activity and make sure you really dress it up. Killer heels, coiffed hair and flawless makeup are must haves even on nights when you aren’t rocking prints so don’t make an exception when you are in print. As always use your better judgement and temper the fabrics you pick based on what’s going on outside. Stick to structured and heavy fabrics for the cold and flowing and light fabrics for the heat.

Printed | Night Out

Rayon Printed Long Gown by Prisha by Shivesh

Cadet Blue Jumpsuit by The Blended Threads

Chartreuse Yellow Dress by The Blended Threads

Pink Sleeveless Top by Aida


Nowhere are prints more apparent than in ethnic Indian wear which involves hundreds of regional fabrics with different weaving styles. Infact you would be hard pressed to find an ethnic garment devoid of some kind of print even if it’s just basic fabric texture. The reason for the prevalence of prints especially in contemporary ethnic outfits is to offset the lack of embroidery that’s more common in traditional styles. Prints offer designers the opportunity to experiment with silhouettes and cuts that are difficult to achieve with the addition of any embellishments. With Diwali fast approaching, is it any surprise that printed ethnic wear would be on this list? Whether you live somewhere freezing or scorching and if you prefer something modern or conservative. There is a printed ethnic outfit to suit every practicality and penchant.


Printed | Ethnic 2

Off-White Yellow Magic Kalidar Suit by Anokherang

Red And Beige Dhoti Dress by GirlsAndBelles

Pistachio Green And Blue Jacket Dress by The Blended Threads

Pastel Peach Chikankari Round Neck Kurta by The Kaftan Company

Sera Jacket Set by Myoho


Prints on holiday are the ultimate no brainer. They’re a fantastic addition to any vacay suitcase and are perfect for taking you from day to night. Printed pieces that are versatile end up saving you precious real estate and weight on that ever diminishing carry on. If you’re one of the lucky few who gets to escape the frigid weather for some fun in the sun then you absolutely must invest in a few printed stunners to maximise that tan. If you already live somewhere exotic and tropical then you really should add all these to your cart without question. The best thing about printed holiday clothing is that you can keep using it for several different trips as it won’t fade and look worn out like solid colours. Plus with some clever styling tricks you can make a single piece look totally different every time you wear it.

Printed | Holiday

Blue Green Stripe Kurta Dress by TrueBrowns

Verona Yellow Print Kantha Dress by Amortela

Orange Printed Jumpsuit by Narendra Kumar

Treviso Blue Print Kantha Cardigan by Amortela

RK Print Elastic Dress by TrueBrowns




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