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Kaaryah & Images Bags | Power Dressing For Modern Indian Women
Power Dressing For The Modern Indian Woman
31 st May 2016

If your mobile notes look something like the ones on the below image then you’re a true modern Indian woman.

A new breed of independent, self sufficient, fearless, caring and nurturing woman that juggles the roles of employee / entrepreneur, wife, mother and homemaker seamlessly.

These kinds of women strive for perfection in everything and more often than not achieve it thanks to boundless energy and sheer determination to get everything just right. From juggling deadlines at work to managing their kid’s schedules to playing the effortlessly chic hostess to their husband’s friends and business associates, modern Indian women do it all without batting a fake eyelash adorned eyelid.

Things to do | Power Dressing For The Modern Indian Woman

Modern women face unique problems and have only themselves or their close-knit circle of girlfriends to come up with quick solutions because not all of them may have the support system of their parents or in-laws. Even those who are fortunate enough to be able to lean on their family may find that their mothers, mother-in-laws or older siblings don’t quite understand their particular problems since women of a different generation have probably never found themselves in the same situations.

A few decades ago Indian women were mainly homemakers and mothers with a small percentage being offered the liberty and opportunity to work in proper jobs and start their own businesses. As feminism has changed that mindset by leaps and bounds, Indian women have made their mark in every field from politics to rocket science. It’s hardly surprising then that modern Indian women find they need to power dress at their work place to find their own confidence and air of authority.

Formal Indian wear is no longer restricted to simple kurtas and silk sarees as many women are choosing to go western as part of their staple Indian office wear wardrobe. A common misconception with power dressing for women is to wear boxy shapeless shirts, trousers and jackets similar to mens fashion. Several Indian office wear labels followed this style philosophy in the past as they churned out formal Indian wear for women devoid of any style, cut or fitting.

Thankfully the days of those monstrous oversized clothes are well in the past and modern Indian women can now choose from a plethora of brands and designers that make immaculately tailored and flawlessly stylish Indian office wear. However power dressing for the modern Indian woman doesn’t stop at just clothing because it’s all about the complete look down to the accessories and footwear. No modern Indian woman would be caught dead carrying worn out and outdated handbags or tacky and ugly shoes.

Designer labels like Kaaryah and Images are serving up exactly that – the total package of Indian office wear through their contemporary, functional, practical and utterly sophisticated clothing and handbags.

Look 1: Bold and Vibrant Colours

Trash those boring blues, blacks, greys and whites and add a dash of colour to your India office wear wardrobe. Pair Red Slim Fit Trousers by Kaaryah with the Taupe Full Sleeves Relaxed Fit Shirt for a statement making combination. If red trousers are a bit too out there for your work place then go slightly neutral with Khaki Slim Fit Trousers and an splash of pink with the Magenta Full Sleeves Relaxed Fit Shirt. Keep the handbag decidedly neutral and compact to compliment either outfit with the Elegant Beige Leather Bag by Images Bags.

Red Slim Fit Trousers by Kaaryah, Taupe Full Sleeves Relaxed Fit Shirt, Magenta Full Sleeves Relaxed Fit Shirt and Elegant Beige Leather Bag by Images Bags | Power Dressing For The Modern Indian Woman.jpg

Look 2: Monochrome Magic

Blacks and whites are power-dressing essentials that are always on point. But if your basic black trousers and white shirt formal Indian wear is starting to look a little worse for wear then its time for an upgrade. Throw on a cropped jacket with monochrome detailing over your solid coloured ensemble and you have yourself an elegant alternative. The Black Full Sleeves Fitted Jacket by Kaaryah has a vintage appeal with its structured fit and detailing while the White Full Sleeves Relaxed Fit Jacket is more flirty and feminine. Break the monotony of the look with the Rich Maroon Leather Bag by Images.

The Black Full Sleeves Fitted Jacket by Kaaryah and Rich Maroon Leather Bag by Images | Power Dressing For The Modern Indian Woman

Look 3: Curvy Goddess

Indian office wear doesn’t necessarily have to be all about manly silhouettes modified to fit and flatter the female body. Shift dresses and skirt suits are all about truly embracing and flaunting those curves. The Navy Sleeveless Relaxed Fit Dress or the Grey Sleeveless Relaxed Fit Dress are Kaarya’s answer for modern Indian women who want work appropriate clothing that is also ladylike. The Trendy Taupe Shoulder Bag by Images completes the look that can double up as the Friday evening after work drinks or date kinda gal’s new go-to.

The Navy Sleeveless Relaxed Fit Dress, Grey Sleeveless Relaxed Fit Dress, The Trendy Taupe Shoulder Bag by Images | Power Dressing For The Modern Indian Woman

Image source: Strand of Silk

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