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Personal Style – What Do Your Clothes Say About You?-strand-of-silk-stylish thoughts
Personal Style – What Do Your Clothes Say About You?
09 th Feb 2016

We have all observed people while lazily sipping coffee at a street side cafe and are also guilty of judging people through their personal style. An individual’s personal style gives us an insight into their profession, religious beliefs, likes and more.

Different occasions demand different kinds of dressing and our attire choices change as we age and adapt to various phases of life.

However, irrespective of attires, our personal style remains unique and eternal. Fashion can be emulated but personal style is intrinsic.

Do you have a personal style? Well what do your clothes say about you? Let’s decode various personal style statements


This personal style is more traditional in approach. Classic clothes are generally acceptable in society at large.  If you have the classic sense of style you play it safe when it comes to dressing and stick to the time tested outfits like a black dress, white shirt, blue denims, black or beige trousers, classic blouses, etc. So you are definitely someone who is calculative and likes to play safe in life.

The advantage with the classic personal style is that you will never fail with your outfit choices and your sense of style will be favoured by all generations. Classic outfits will also never become un-wearable. So as a classic wearer you will always own attires that will be in vogue in any era. People with classic tastes prefer comfort factor, quality of fabric and perfect fitting for attires.

Katrina Kaif would be a perfect example for classic personal style. She always looks gorgeous in her timeless minimalistic looks. She has never created controversy with her evergreen looks.

Katrina Kaif's Classic Personal Style | Personal Style – What Do Your Clothes Say About You?


Feminine personal style is all about delicate preferences like floral dresses and lace, net outfits. If you tend to stock up pastel attires and steer more towards feminine outfits like skirts, dresses and salwar kameez, then you definitely like girl power in your wardrobe. While not averse, you may not have a strong preference for pant suits, trousers and other male inspired silhouettes.

Girls with this personal style give precedence to well fitting outfits that do not hide her femininity. Boxy and loose are definitely not for someone who likes to emphasise her female charm.

While Priyanka Chopra looks lovely in any style she displays, she has been spotted quite a few times in lacy and floral outfits. The actress likes her dainty attires for sure.

Priyanka Chopra's Feminine Personal Style | Personal Style – What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

Sophisticated and Chic

Sophisticated style indicates impeccable dressing. A lady displaying sophisticated and chic personal style will never be caught in her pyjamas publicly. They always take care to dress up perfectly and not a single hair will be out of place in their overall look. The great style icon, Jacqueline Kennedy, presented a sophisticated and chic fashion sense every time. You just cannot imagine her in a simple T-shirt and distressed denims.

From Bollywood, Aishwarya Rai would be a perfect example for the sophisticated and chic personal style. The diva is rarely spotted in casual and carefree looks. She manages to exude glamour in the simplest salwar kurta.

Aishwarya Rai's Sophisticated and Chic Personal Style | Personal Style – What Do Your Clothes Say About You?


The edgy style aims to break rules and is very experimental. The ordinary is just not enough for an edgy fashionista. They have a penchant to transform an ordinary attire into extraordinary. A simple saree can be altered into eye-catching attire, through the addition of trendy jacket blouses, belts or just a twist in the draping style. Someone with an edgy personality creates one’s own fashion rules and knows how to make it work without looking awkward.

Bollywood’s famed fashionista Sonam Kapoor is definitely a propagator of edgy style sense with her experimental temperament. She always looks out of this league when it comes to fashion.

Sonam Kapoor's Edgy Personal Style | Personal Style – What Do Your Clothes Say About You?


An individual with casual personal style generally reflects the same attitude in life. They are fun-loving, like to be outdoors and prefer easy going attires. Their garb choices will mostly be T-shirts, cotton plaids, denims, shorts and sneakers. They prefer a physically active life and their fuss free attires let them enjoy their activities to the fullest.

Kareena Kapoor admits to being a T-shirt and denim kind of person in real life and she has always been caught in casual looks when she is not making a professional presence.

Kareena Kapoor's Casual Personal Style | Personal Style – What Do Your Clothes Say About You?


If you have a Bohemian style preference then you are a gypsy at heart. You love to travel and your dressing sense is a juxtaposition of eclectic pieces that you have collected from different places. You love statement jewellery, vibrant colours and exotic art inspired outfits. You will match your western outfits with traditional artistic attires and jewellery. Sometimes your look can shift towards flamboyance but you are not an attention seeker. You are rather satisfying your free-spirited nature that likes to adopt everything beautiful.

Actress Kangana Ranaut is a free-spirited soul and she has been spotted displaying some desirable Bohemian looks that go perfectly with her wild curly locks.

Kangana Ranaut's Bohemian Personal Style | Personal Style – What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

Punk or Grunge

This personal style is heavily inspired by rock culture. It is characterised by leather pants, leather jackets, heavily made-up black eyes and black nails. Boots are favourites when it comes to the grunge look. While this personal style is not very common in India, many youngsters fascinated by rock music may sport the look.

Akshara Hassan sported this look in the movie Shamitabh and she promoted the movie, showing off the punk style of her character. For the promotional events she mostly opted for black outfits with leather accessories. Her unique hairstyle was a perfect finish to the punk look.

Akshara Haasan's Punk Personal Style | Personal Style – What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

The famed fashion designer Sabyasachi says,“.....Fashion poses this sense that everything in life has to be about variety. I keep telling them (people), the most iconic things in the world only happen through repetition. Whether it’s Monroe’s red lips, Madonna’s crucifix or Rekha’s Kanjeevaram sari’s.” We agree with Sabyasachi's point here: personal style is timeless and it defines who you are as a person. 

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