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Strand of Silk - Stylish Thoughts - Best Romantic Gifts for Valentine's Day
Perfect Gifts for a Romantic Valentines Day
07 th Feb 2016

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away and it is about time you started thinking about what to gift your valentine. It does not take rocket science to pick the perfect gift, but it does take some amount of thought and planning to find a gift that will make this Valentine’s day 2016 a memorable day. So this Valentine’s day, give the usual flowers and chocolates a miss as we take you through some of the most romantic gifts that you can give your valentine.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Women love to be surprised with gifts. Cheesy as it may be, Valentine's Day gives you the perfect opportunity to express your love for your wife or girlfriend with an ever so thoughtful gift. So what are your choices?

Precious Jewellery

Perfect Gifts for a Romantic Valentines Day - Precious Jewellery

This one is a no-brainer. Precious jewellery like delicate earrings, sparkling necklaces or charming bracelets are classic romantic gifts to make your lady swoon on Valentine’s day. The only thing to remember is to pick gifts as per her taste and liking (or ensure that the store has a no-questions-asked returns policy). If you know of any particular piece of jewellery that she has been eyeing for a while, now would be the perfect time to pick it up.

If you are in the mood to splurge, then nothing like diamond jewellery to proclaim your everlasting love. Most prominent jewellery retailers come out with special Valentine’s day editions around this time - jewellery with heart shaped motifs that are perfect for the season. You can even take a look at our handpicked collection of precious jewellery here and take your pick. Take her out to dinner and give her the gift in a candle lit ambiance and you are guaranteed to see a thousand-watt smile that will make it all worth it!

Fashion Jewellery

Perfect Gifts for a Romantic Valentines Day - Fashion Jewellery

For men who don’t want to burn a hole in the pocket and yet want to gift jewellery for the occasion, we suggest fashion jewellery. Gold plated silver jewellery with semi-precious stones make for impressive romantic gifts for Valentine’s day, especially considering their versatility. Fashion jewellery is available in a wide variety of designs, ranging from being bright and colourful to being elegant and sophisticated. You could pick pieces that serve the purpose of dailywear like dainty earrings and delicate bracelets to traditional pieces like jhumkas and chaand balis that can be worn for weddings and festive occasions. Jewellery is one of the most popular gifts among women for Valentine’s Day and fashion jewellery is most definitely an affordable choice.

Clothes and Accessories

If you want to give her a ‘wearable’ gift but not jewellery, then clothes and accessories are a good option. Our advice would be for you to pick up clothes of the brand that your girlfriend / wife favours so as to increase the chances of her liking the gift. Other options include buying a warm and cosy scarf that will remind her of you every time she wraps it around herself or a charming watch that she can put to use everyday!

In case you are thinking of shoes or handbags, we strongly recommend that the purchase be done only if you know of a particular piece of arm candy or heels that your valentine has been lusting after. Or if you want it to be a real surprise, you could pick up one of our really beautiful Indian clutches which will floor any woman instantly and win you brownie points for having a great taste! 

Gift an Experience

Perfect Gifts for a Romantic Valentines Day - Gift Experience Rafting

Perhaps the most romantic gifts that you can gift your valentine is happy memories of a day spent well. True, that nothing can match the price of an expensive handbag or sparkling baubles but in our opinion, experiences that leave behind warm memories are actually priceless! So this Valentine’s day, do something new and think of gifting your better half with an experience to remember.

Depending on her interests, it can be something simple as a pottery class, an opportunity to learn a new dance style, learning to ride a bike or if she is the adventurous kind, a skydiving or a river rafting experience. The thrill of learning something new will bring joy and the way you spent the day will be etched in both of your memories forever!

You could even gift her a relaxing day at a spa or book an appointment for the two of you to go together - there is nothing more romantic than the two of you spending quality time in a relaxed environment, away from the maddening bustle of everyday life.

Put together a goody basket

Don’t want to give one single gift and have the time to put together a goody basket? Nothing beats spending time and effort in picking up small things that your girlfriend / wife loves and surprising her on Valentine’s Day with a basket full of her favourite things. It may not be as expensive as jewellery but is most certainly the best way to express your love considering the thought that goes behind it. So pick up a nice wicker basket and load it up with her favourite perfume, a bottle of wine, some cheese, dark chocolate, a few organic cosmetics, a nice book for her to read, some sandwiches and head off for a picnic under a tree and make it a day worth remembering.

When you are giving the gift to your lady, the most important thing to remember is to communicate your love for her. A sincere expression and meaningful words can actually transcend any gift and strengthen your bond.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

There was a time when it was chivalrous for men to give gifts and all women did was accept them. However, today women also are giving gifts to their boyfriends / husbands on Valentine’s Day as an expression of their love towards them. Of course, men don’t need flowers or sappy proclamations of love. What they will definitely appreciate are practical gifts that can be used everyday. We too think that such gifts can be constant reminders of your love every time they are put to use. So what are some of the most romantic gifts that can be given to men on Valentine’s day? Here is a look.


Perfect Gifts for a Romantic Valentines Day - Fitness Activity Tracker

Cufflinks, ties and pocket squares are run of the mill gifts that you should avoid like plague if you are on the lookout for gifts for a man this Valentine’s day. If you are considering accessories for gifts, we suggest that you choose something more useful like an activity tracker or a fitness band that is a rage among the health-savvy men today. They’re guaranteed to be used and will also add value to their life.

Pampering Kit

Gone are the days when face washes, scrubs and serums were only meant for women. These days, the metrosexual man knows his creams from gels and steps out looking like a million bucks without a hair out of place. A kit that includes a shaving gel, after-shave lotion, a face scrub, serum and a perfume can be a part of their personal care regime and make for a practical gift this Valentine’s day.

Tech Toys

Strand of Silk - Stylish Thoughts - Perfect Gifts for a Romantic Valentines Day - Gadgets for men

Show us a man who does not get excited with a new tech toy and we’ll change our name. Sure, you might wonder whether such gifts qualify as ‘romantic gifts’ but like we told you, for men, it is the practicality that matters. So you actually have it easy if you are picking gadgets as gifts for Valentine’s day. Choose from a wide range of options starting from simple portable hard disks, oversized headphones to more pricey tablets and phones. If both of you love gaming, then a gaming console is a great option for it can be a great way to spend some quality time with each other. You could even gift him an online subscription to watch movies or to read books - a perfect gift for the bibliophile or the movie lover.

In a bid to follow the crowd and do what they are doing, don’t simply pick up any gift for Valentine’s Day. Show that you love and care by choosing a gift that you know will be useful for your loved one. Now that you have seen our ideas for gifts to give, we are hoping you are feeling more inspired and have a memorable Valentine’s Day!

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