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Party Outfits From Strand Of Silk
Party Outfits From Strand Of Silk
24 th Apr 2018

Social butterflies know that come hail, storm, ice or sunshine, there is always a reason to have some sort of a party. When the weather is frigid, it’s time for toasty dos that are all about warmth and comfort food. When it’s bright and sunny, it’s an excuse for soaking in the heat and breathing in the fresh air. Whatever the reason or season, having a party is mandatory for people with large social circles. It might sound like a rather glamorous life to some and a complete nightmare to others but there is no denying that it’s a reality for extroverts everywhere.

With all these social gatherings comes the compulsion to dress for the occasion. Those who are regulars understand that while there is nothing wrong with repeating outfits with some smart styling, turning up looking totally haphazard is definite social suicide. There are certain fashion rules one must abide by to not only ensure proper social etiquette but also make an impression and forge connections. If it’s not at all about networking and hob-nobbing then the dressing up bit is for the pure love of everything fashion.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a party veteran or a relative newbie, one thing all potential guests have in common is the constant search for that ideal party outfit. Something that befits the occasion, flatters your finer attributes and hides those flaws. The search is especially tedious for women because let’s face it, we’re a competitive lot when it comes to upstaging our own gender and vying for male attention. Not to mention the dreaded fear of being labelled a fashion victim. Rather than scaring you off attending your next do and in an attempt to make an exceedingly complex life a tad bit easier, we’ve curated some party picks for all occasions.

House Parties

One of the most common style of parties and also the most complicated to dress for as you really need to gauge the tone of the event through the invite. Ranging from formal sit down dinners to BYOB type casual bashes to sophisticated drinks and canapés evenings meant for serious conversations, house parties are the variety pack equivalent of all social gatherings. If in doubt, it’s always best to underdress at a house party rather than turn up looking totally dolled up.

Shift dresses in solid neutral or bright colours work wonderfully for such dos as they’re fitted to show off your figure but not body hugging to prevent movement. You’ll likely need to sit, stand or walk around a room for many hours so a bit of comfort is important.

Party Outfits | House Parties

Bat Winged Dress by Forbidden The Atelier

Red And Coral Color Block Dress by Riddhi and Revika

Classic Affair Dress by Forbidden The Atelier

Indigo Blue Color Block Dress by Riddhi and Revika

Cocktail Parties

As the name suggests, these are uber glitzy events meant to last until the wee hours of the morning. Usually held in someone’s honour to celebrate milestones like birthdays, weddings, kids or any other achievements, cocktail parties require all guests to be dressed in their glamorous best.

The sky is the limit when it comes to cocktail party dressing so don’t be shy about experimenting with your outfits. Modern drapes fused with gowns always look extremely polished and regal, giving your look an instant aura of looking expensive and stylised. If you have the bod and aren’t afraid to flaunt it, then these are the parties are ideal for bodycon style dresses with risqué slits.

Party Outfits | Cocktail Parties

Floral Sequined Embroidered Half Cape Dress By Ankit Sharma

Tube Laced Dress by Swatee Singh

Ivory Drape Cocktail Dress by Anushree Agarwal

Midnight Blue Cowl Draped Dress By Ankit Sharma


Taking it one notch higher when it comes to dressing up is obviously clubbing style. While the thump-thump of nightclub speakers might be a younger person’s game there is no reason why the mature have to forget about that scene for life. Clubbing is about having a good time and there is certainly no age limit for fun.

As expected clubbing attire must be provocative without being vulgar. Flashing some skin is desirable but wearing next to nothing is an absolute no-no unless you want to attract the sleaze balls. Slinky fitted dresses with strategically placed cut outs are the current rage but if you’re a tad worried about your not-so-toned bits hanging out then there is always the subtle sensuousness of origami dresses.

Party Outfits | Clubbing

Black Net Dress by Forbidden The Atelier

Fuchsia Boat Neck Peplum Dress by Swatee Singh

Marsala Round Neck Pleated Dress by Swatee Singh

Aye Sailor Dress by Forbidden The Atelier

Brunch Parties & BBQs

Any hard-core club bunny knows that all you need after a long drink of downing drinks and shots is really yummy grub to make you feel alive again. Even if you’ve left your crazy partying days behind you, the allure of a lazy afternoon of brunching and barbecuing is irresistible. These parties almost always happen during the sweet summer months when the weather is too tempting to stay indoors.

Make the most of this always-too-short time of the year in breathable cotton dresses. Not only will they keep you nice and cool but will also do double duty by allowing a build up of a gradual golden tan. Pick from cheery colours and easy silhouettes that make it easy to kick back and relax. Plus let’s not forget that sunlight and bold colours make for the most amazing photos that you’ll obviously want to upload after your all day party session.

Party Outfits | Brunch Parties & BBQs

Hand Dyed Yellow Shaded Dress by Diya Mehta

La La Land Mock Wrap Dress by Tuned In Living

Lemon And White Colour Blocked Dress by Janaki

Khadi One Sleeves Dress by Anand & Tausif

Indian Parties

It wouldn’t be a complete list if we didn’t touch on something ethnic and Indian parties are a perfect example. Like house parties, these parties too can take on numerous shapes and sizes. However the one common thread amongst all of them is a definite cultural bend to the celebrations. Indian parties are often family affairs for weddings, religious ceremonies, festivals or any other cultural rituals.

Dressing for an Indian party can get tricky because you’re not expected to go all out like at an Indian wedding. The key is to keep it balanced between traditional and contemporary while also being appropriate and respectful. The last bit is especially important for anything religious. The easiest way to fulfil all the criteria is to embrace the beauty of ethnic prints in your wardrobe. When fused with stylish silhouettes, ethnic prints can be mixed and matched to create innumerable outfit combinations. The colour palette will depend on your personal preference and the occasion in question, but as a general rule of thumb you should wear bright colours during the day and darker colours at night.

Party Outfits | Indian Parties

The Nadya Dress by Anita Dongre

Chartreuse Green Brocade Dress by trueBrowns

Pink Asymmetric Hem Dress by trueBrowns

Double Flared Printed Bottle Green Kali Dress by RV



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