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Party Dresses – How to Get Party Ready in No Time-strand-of-silk-stylish thoughts
Party Dresses – How to Get Party Ready in No Time
19 th Feb 2016

Are you a busy bee who is constantly on the go? You hit the gym early morning, have a full time job, meetings scheduled with clients, deals to negotiate and also attend to your family needs.

Is your organiser brimming with activities, which also includes occasional evening parties that you have to fit in post office hours!

It can be an office dinner party or a fun evening with good old friends at a local bar. It is fun to chill out in the evening after a long day at work; all you need to figure out is how to go from your day look to party ready in no time.

For parties where you do not have to dress up in Indian ethnic wear, you can carry your day’s formal wear to the party venue with proper accessorising.

Add Layers

Strand of Silk Jackets | Party Dresses – How to Get Party Ready in No Time

Quit office appropriate blazers and team up your blouse with fashionable jackets or shrugs. You can opt for leather jackets, crochet shrugs or printed layers for your office neutrals.

Add Accessories

Emphatic necklaces, earrings, bracelets, clutches or scarves always highlight outfits and transform them into party wear in no time. A simple fitting white blouse paired with black trousers in the office can become ready for the evening with the addition of a pair of great heels, a clutch and a blingy belt.

The picture below shows the day look characterised by tied hair, black sweater covered white shirt paired with black trousers and flats. By letting down your hair (literally), using a playful party bag and wearing a pair of stilettos you can transform your look into a stylish evening outfit.

Office wear to Indian party dresses | Party Dresses – How to Get Party Ready in No Time

However what if you have to attend a traditional party and your office formal wear is downright inappropriate? Well, let’s analyse some quick ways to transform your work wear into a suitable Indian party outfit.

Office wear to Indian party dresses

If you have to attend a traditional Indian party then some careful planning will help you save precious moments to get ready for the evening. Indian attires like salwaar kameez and sarees have the advantage of being versatile and are acceptable professionally and as party dresses, depending upon their embellishments.

You can wear an office appropriate saree or salwaar kameez during the day. The same outfits can transform into Indian party dresses in the evening. Of course you cannot add embroidery to the outfit to transition into a party look but you can embellish it with emphatic accessories. A kundan jadau necklace, gorgeous pair of earrings or a colourful bracelet and cocktail ring will work wonders for your otherwise minimalistic office wear.

If you prefer to wear western office wear to work, you can pair your office worthy blouse with a stunning long ethnic skirt like a Benarasi lehenga for a contemporary look. Just ditch your trousers and accessorise with Indian jewellery to get the look right. Another quick option would be to wear a chic tunic with a pair of narrow trousers and in the evening make it party ready with an embellished stole.

Here are few suggestions to transform your Indian office outfits into party dresses through right accessories-

Look #1

Saree Party Ready | Party Dresses – How to Get Party Ready in No Time

Look # 2

Party Ready 1

Look # 3

Party Look

Look # 4

Party Ready 3

Look # 5

Party Ready 5

As far as makeup is concerned you do not need an arduous ritual of spa treatments to get that party ready glow. Here are some simple tips to enhance your overall look in no time:

Freshen up - As you may not have enough time for a long shower, freshen up with a good cleansing face wash to feel refreshed and moisturise your face and use foundation that matches your skin tone.

Eyes - Highlight your eyes with black kajal or eyeliner and also define your brows. Use mascara to add more dimension to your eyes.

Eye Makeup | Party Dresses – How to Get Party Ready in No Time

Lipstick - Choose bold party ready colours like red or fuchsia to go with your party dresses and to make you evening ready.

Lipstick | Party Dresses – How to Get Party Ready in No Time

Perfume - Keep your favourite perfume handy to mask odours and leave you smelling sweet. A great perfume is a spectacular invisible accessory for your party dresses.

Always keep your handbag ready for a quick makeover by stocking it with tissues, your favourite lipstick, eyeliner, couple of chic earrings and a versatile necklace. Keep a pair of classic trendy heeled shoes in your office drawer to upgrade your office look to evening look. These essentials will help you in creating instant party dresses. Also while you are focussing on looking perfect day and night on a busy schedule do not forget an indispensible accessory, your smile.

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