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Our Top Pick Indian Bridal Designers of 2014-Stylish ThoughtsOur Top Pick Indian Bridal Designers of 2014 | Tarun Tahilian Bridal Collection
Our Top Pick Indian Bridal Designers of 2014
28 th Jan 2015


Indian weddings are an enormous deal for most women, and most dream about their very own fairy tale wedding from an extremely young age. Whilst dreaming about their big day they picture about wearing the most stunning and eye catching Indian wedding outfits, teamed with the best and most and lavish bridal jewellery and detailed henna designs decorating their hands and feet.

For most, this dream soon comes to life and becomes a must-to-get it completely perfect. This all starts with the perfect bridal attire so that the bride is the ultimate belle of the ball. The clothing for the bride to be is always handpicked and selected with much consideration. Indian fashion designers are very much relied on to make these lucky ladies the happiest girls in the world. A variety of Indian designers have now become massively renowned and popular within the bridal world and have stood out as biggest names for bridal wear throughout 2014.

These fashion designers in India have made breath-taking designer garments for the biggest Bollywood celebrities for their spectacular wedding, which often sets off certain bridal trends that on-lookers wish to replicate. We have selected our top 3 Indian bridal outfit designers who for us have taken 2014 by storm:

Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun first established his studio in 1990, and has since established his stunning signature creations, which have developed into some of the most sought-after and adored creations not only in just within India but worldwide. His designs are a unique blend of intricate textiles, detailed tailor-made silhouettes and lavish luxury. Tarun Tahilani has ultimately reinvented India’s rich heritage within Indian wedding outfits as modern and contemporary high fashion through the use of his unique craftsmanship and hand crafted textiles from across the country and worldwide.

Tarun Tahiliani’s beautiful wedding collection was recently showcased at India Bridal Week and certainty did not disappoint. His dazzling bronze dresses, sarees and lehengas definitely stood out. Tarun's creations involved a variety of stunning zardozi embellishment, semi precious stones, floral patterns and lavish lace. He used luxury and neutral tones of pinks, gold and beiges with a few bursts of deep maroons and greens. What is there not to like!?

Our Top Pick Indian Bridal Designers of 2014 | Tarun Tahiliani

Neeta Lulla

Neeta Lulla is one of the most praised and sought after female fashion designers of India. Her forte lies in Indian Bridal outfits and her unique designs vary from being simple and classic to lavish and extravagant. A number of india’s biggest stars greatly rely on her to dress them on their special day. She famously designed Aishawarya Rai’s bridal saree. Recently Neeta showcased her beautiful bridal wear designs at the huge grand finale of Rajasthan Fashion Week.

Neeta's collection was a perfectly balanced combination of garments with a variety of classy cocktail dresses, bridal lehengas, anarkalis and pretty sarees. The garments were bejewelled with various and intricate embroideries. We witnessed dreamy shades of gold and black, pinks, deep blues, teamed with softer fabrics such as silk, chiffon and georgette embellished with elegant needlework. So sophisticated and stylish!

 Our Top Pick Indian Bridal Designers of 2014 | Neeta Lulla

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra is one of the most well known names in India. In 1990 he began his fashion design career, and has now become one of the most popular Indian bridal outfit designers Bollywood has ever seen. He is another extremely popular fashion designer amongst all Bollywood actresses, including the likes of the Kapoor sisters.

His extravagant bridal collections are now just as stunning and sought after as his other amazing couture designs which the world loves him for. For almost all the big events, celebs showcase his creations; be it walking down the red carpet or at a wedding or premiere.

Our Top Pick Indian Bridal Designers of 2014 | Manish Malhotra


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