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New Year New Sizzling Airport Looks
New Year New Sizzling Airport Looks
20 th Feb 2019

You know that corny Insta-famous quote that’s been doing the rounds of wannabe wanderer feeds everywhere? ‘Catch Flights Not Feelings’ sounds like exactly the kind of bougee ill advice someone who has never travelled would paste all over their social media. But it could be argued that this new age obsession with travel has a lot to do with accumulating likes on drool-worthy pictures, which start with enviable airport looks. Once again we can blame, shame and name Bollywood for this rather peculiar trend that’s gathered quite a lot of steam over the years.

With so many different locations for shoots, promotional activities and brand endorsements filling up their diaries, Bollywood’s celebrities are always up in the air. Jetting from stunning locales to recording studios to script meetings, there is no denying that our favourite Bollywood celebrities are always on the move. And if you’re wondering how your own feed is constantly peppered with images of your favourite celebrities looking effortlessly chic and airbrushed while getting on and off their flights then you have the Indian paparazzi to thank for that.

Spotting Bollywood celebrities making their way in and out of Mumbai and Delhi airports has become such a major cash cow for photo-op hungry photographers that there is a team of them always stationed outside. Obviously, a few publicity hungry celebrities also feed into the frenzy by getting their managers to call ahead and casually dropping their arrival time. Setting up a ‘candid’ airport look shot in the process.

When you’re about to have atleast 7 to 10 cameras in your face as soon as you get to the airport, there is no doubt you’re going to want to look your casual best. Even more so because airport looks have started to become just as scrutinised by the fashion police as red carpet appearances. Plus the guaranteed outcome of getting featured on Bollywood gossip and trend pages. Given the stakes, it’s unlikely any Bollywood celebrity would want to catch a flight in filthy sneakers and a rundown outfit. Not that those things even exist in their luxury wardrobes to start with, but there is a certain level of ‘put-togetherness’ that’s become an expected norm from airport looks.

Internationally the Hadids and Kardashians of the world might be pushing the envelope of street style in completely new directions with their indie brands, sheer Victorian crop tops, latex bicycle shorts and bejewelled designer track suits but it seems like desi celebrities have shied away from this level of experimentation. For one, the cultural norms in India are still not conducive to excessive fashion risks especially in very public domains. Add in the vast Bollywood crazy population that is known to mob and accost celebrities just to get a glimpse of them and it’s probably more prudent to play in the elegant and classy league of airport looks.

There have definitely been some real sizzlers served up by the luscious ladies of Bollywood over time. So what better way to kick off a New Year best-of fashion list than by recounting some of the recent most enviable airport looks seen on our perennial Bollywood darlings?

Anushka Sharma Airport Looks

Bollywood glamazon and first lady of Indian cricket Anushka Sharma certainly racks up quite a few air miles in a year. From travelling for her own work commitments to sometimes accompanying husband Virat Kohli during his cricket tours, this is one lass who knows how to dress for comfort and style with her airport looks. Her outfits are always decidedly casual but extremely well fitted so they don’t look dowdy. And she never leaves home without a luxury arm candy to complete her low-key sophisticated looks.

Airport Looks | Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma’s Airport Looks

Jacqueline Fernandez Airport Looks

Another Bollywood starlet who definitely errs on the side of effortlessly chic when it comes to her airport looks is Jacqueline Fernandez. Jeans, tees, blazers and sneakers seem to be the current flavour of the season with her as she pairs all in multiple variations.

Airport Looks | Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez’s Airport Looks

Kangana Ranaut Airport Looks

A true style chameleon, Kangana Ranaut loves to flirt with all types of style aesthetics not just with her airport looks but nearly every type of appearance. The breaker of conventions in Bollywood doesn’t shy away from doing the same with her outfits as well. She’s been seen in everything from a basic black kurti to a printed maxi dress to a monochrome sheath mini to a full on pinstripe pantsuit lately. Kangana sure knows how to tease her fans to keep them coming back for more of her offbeat sartorial choices.

Airport Looks | Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut’s Airport Looks

Deepika Padukone Airport Looks

The reigning queen of Bollywood is the epitome of luxe dripping airport looks that probably cost more than the first class air travel she no doubt prefers. There is something ultra glamorous yet extremely edgy about her ensembles that make it to the top of any airport looks hall of fame. She’s been on an all black and monochrome kick lately serving up some seriously droolicious beauties.

Airport Looks | Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone’s Airport Looks

Athiya Shetty Airport Looks

The leggy stunner has been slowly upping her style game and getting featured on more and more Bollywood style lists recently. Once a fan of voluminous silhouettes that would drown her petite but statuesque frame, she’s now learnt the art of playing with silhouettes for a more form flattering result. Her recent airport look featuring nude coordinates contrasted with a printed tube top is a refreshing departure (pun intended) from her previous outings.

Airport Looks | Athiya Shetty

Athiya Shetty’s Airport Look

Sonam K Ahuja Airport Looks

Style maverick Sonam K Ahuja seems to have intentionally toned down her out-of-the-box fashion extravaganzas in favour of more realistic dressing goals. If the move is to appease a wider mass audience or just a personal preference is still a mystery but she’s still doing a stellar job as Bollwood trendsetter. Her recent airport look saw her stepping out in a floral printed midi dress worn with a white blazer and finished off with an old school briefcase handbag. Ringlet curls, massive sunnies, black court shoes and a waist-cinching belt took this look to an entirely different level worthy of Bollywood fashion royalty.

Airport Looks | Sonam K Ahuja

Sonam K Ahuja’s Aiport Look

Bollywood Couple Airport Looks

It would be unfair to completely disregard some of Bollywood’s very stylish gentlemen when it comes to airport looks because they also have made great strides in putting together some inspiration worthy ensembles. But their biggest assets might still be the gorgeous ladies on their arms. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were spotted together in denim heavy airport looks that can very easily be duped with high street versions. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone too made a rare uber toned down appearance recently. Even though both couples took to wearing rather ordinary pieces, there is no denying that even these very basic airport looks have a certain gravitas just because of who is wearing them.

AIrport Looks | Couple Capers

Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh’s Aiport Looks



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