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Indian Fashion Designer Neeru Kumar: A life Story |
Neeru Kumar: A life Story
14 th Dec 2014

In the expanding and popular world of handcrafted textiles, Neeru Kumar is a rare and celebrated talent. Over the past two decades of her impressive career, she have established something of a transformation in Indian textiles. By using extremely traditional techniques and uniquely native materials, but combined with in-depth investigation and trend research, Neeru Kumar has fashioned a completely new terminology in textile design.

The recipe of her unique awareness of both trends and tradition, particularly in quality and texture, combined with her insightful knowledge of traditional crafts and weaving processes, including a large variety of other textile techniques have allowed her extremely successful textile innovation possible.

Neeru Kumar - A life Story | Neeru Kumar and Quilt

She has produced an exciting, innovative and tremendously contemporary design palette, whilst also utilising traditional skills on which all her work is based on.

Neeru Kumar graduated in 1980 from the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India, and is unquestionably now known as one of the best and the most creative designers in India for hand woven textiles. She first made her big commercial breakthrough in 1989, with her signature ‘First Design’, which consisted of a black and tussar weave, which was quickly admired world wide. Neerus’s work is now broadly covered by the media and she is described as a designer who has achieved a unique interaction between classic and traitional textile crafts with contemporary design, in relation to this her work has often been described as 'contemporary classic'.

In the popular International market, Neeru Kumar’s products are now exhibited at ‘Maison & Objet’ fair in Paris, the biggest and leading trend setting exhibition in the world.  Her products are now also sold under the name of her own label ‘Neeru Kumar’ in a large variety of leading worldwide stores such as Liberty & Selfridges in U.K and Bloomingdales in USA. Neeru is also works with a number of worldwide popular designer labels such as Maki Textile Studio in Japan and Jack Larsen in USA. She has also been featured in magazines like Vogue, Architectural Digest, Home Textile.

Her collections consist of two detailed ranges: textiles and innovations for the home and on trend garments for both women and men, in both traditional and western syles. Neeru Kumars fabrics are crafted into original bed and cushion covers, throws & even wall hangings, including beautiful accessories such as handcrafted shawls & scarves to accompany her broad garments range, which is massively popular with a large variety of age groups.

Her unusual but ultimately successful and interesting palette of colours is inspired from traditional backgrounds but transforms into contemporary trends, such as mustard yellows, earthy tones, charcoal black, sunset oranges and delicate pastel pinks, cool and subtle mint and creamy avocado green. A match made in heaven!

Colourful Ensambles | Neeru Kumar: A life Story

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