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Narendra Kumar's Contemporary Indian Bridal Collection - Stylish Thoughts
Narendra Kumar's Contemporary Indian Bridal Collection
25 th Feb 2013

A celebrated menswear designer, Kumar has finally taken the plunge to explore the feminine side of design and craft. His love for all-things-men couldn't take a complete backseat as we conspicuously saw outfits, especially blouses following a trail of mens jackets.

Replete with spunk and vigour, though the jacket-cum-blouses are thoroughly structured, one can identify that this line of his clothes is for the daring women, not the demure. But for the more fragile and womanly clientele, his collection doesn't disappoint. There are choices aplenty - from the double-layered gowns to saris with corsets, his imagination has coloured the canvas in varied strokes.

Bearing testimony to the aforementioned is another aspect which couldn't go unnoticed - colours. From earthy shades to pastels he takes a flight into shades of passion - Red, Mango Yellow, Deep Blue and then melts into Aquamarine, Cream and Fawn - ever so effortlessly. Isn't that a platter to please all? Moreover, one notices that his fancy was caught by the shimmer of silver and gold alike. These tones have left a mark on most of his ensembles. The colours also remind us of the intricate details that define his embroidery style- very graceful, never over-the-top and always creating a balance of colour and cuts, keeping the overall look of every garment harmonised.

For a beginner in womenswear arena, Narendra Kumar has faired more than well by the incorporation of peplums, high slits, sheer fabrics, layering and each with his unique stamp makes this collection an exemplary example and sets the bar high for any designer that ventures in un-known territory.

A designer who hasn't bargained his personal aesthetic sensibility to gain instant popularity, his twist of futuristic-meets-traditional is quite endearing in its own way. We've crushed on his high necks just as much as his off-shoulders, now that's a designer who knows how to mix it up, all too judiciously!

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