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'Nailing' It For The Upcoming Festive Season
'Nailing' It For The Upcoming Festive Season
19 th Sep 2019

Who can believe it’s September already? Before you know it, we will be well and truly into the festive season kicking off with Diwali. For most Indians, Diwali is a must-do annual family celebration even if they aren’t particularly religious or traditional. Whether it’s to meet their close family for a simple meal or to do the whole shebang with poojas, card parties, fire crackers and other festivities, Diwali is a special time of togetherness. Quickly followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years for many Indians living abroad. It’s safe to say Diwali is the beginning of the festive season and what better time to splurge on a bit of indulgent self-pampering.

A quick mani-pedi might be part of your regular grooming rituals but how about a little nail art to get you in the mood to celebrate? You must admit that looking down at your hands and seeing a cute design certainly brightens things up during a mundane day. With so many nail art trends cropping up every few months. Plus the longevity of gel polishes being atleast two weeks, it’s important to commit to a style. Just like a gorgeous design will make you smile each time you look at your nails, be rest assured something hideous will totally ruin your day.

The style you pick for your nail art will totally depend on the way you dress. Remember that you will wear new outfits every day but your nails can only be changed every fortnight. Sure, you could be one of those extra people who goes in for a nail art update every 2-3 days to suit an ensemble. But we are veering on the side of practical and pocket friendly ideas here. As a general rule the ostentatiousness of your outfits is inversely proportional to your nail art. If you skipped science the day they taught that term in school or totally forgot about those god awfully boring lectures then it means that they’re opposites.

Simply put, the dressier the clothes the simpler the nails. If you plan on wearing bold colours, daring silhouettes, bright prints, OTT embroidery or exceptional detailing then step away from the crazy nail art and pick something basic. However if you’re more into clean lines, crisp cuts, basic styles, primary colours and little to no embellishments, then you can definitely experiment with some funky nail art designs. There are also times when you could pick a happy medium between these two extremes so here are some nail art ideas for you to bookmark for inspiration.

Metallic Top Coat

What is easier than whacking on a metallic top coat on any solid colour? This one also works as a brilliant DIY hack for days when you’re freshly manicured and don’t want to or can’t get to a salon for a little sparkle. Most bold base colours will complement a metallic top coat beautifully as it will look even more iridescent.

Nail Art | Metallic Top Coat

Metallic Top Coat Nail Art

Accented Edges

For girls who love their nude shades but still want a little something something during the festive season, try this utterly simple yet irresistible style. Accent the nail edge with gold, silver or rose gold borders for a little bit of oomph that can totally pass off as formal during office hours.

Nail Art | Accented Edges

Accent Edge Nail Art

Nude & Glitter

Taking the neutral nail polish trend a little further is the addition of glitter in various shapes. Depending on the occasion, you can go for as little or as much sparkly polish as you like and can even play around with the placement. French manicure glitter tips are ever popular but half-moons or vertical designs are the new variations to this classic.

Nail Art | Nude & Glitter

Nude & Glitter Nail Art

Aztec Prints

If you simply love nail art and enjoy watching the technician painstakingly create elaborate designs then Aztec prints will be right up your alley. A mix of different colours, textures and motifs will certainly make your nails stand out. This nail art style requires extreme precision and skill so don’t skimp on the quality of the professional you entrust with your nails for this one.

Nail Art | Aztec Print

Aztec Print Nail Art

Negative Spaces

If the former style is a lot of design elements then this one is all about the absence of them. Fresh off the nails-piration pages are these negative space designs that look unbelievably chic and modern because they’re highlighted by what’s missing rather than packing on too much. Who knew geometric shapes painted on with different shades featuring empty slots could be so on trend? This style can work just as well in glossy or matte finishes giving you lots of wiggle room for experimentation.

Nail Art | Negative Spaces

Negative Space Nail Art

Unconventional French Manicures

The standard French manicure is always elegant but for those aching to try something new there are some truly unconventional designs on offer. From the neon French manicure to the rainbow top coat to comic book designs to melting tips, it’s all possible and massively trending this season.

Nail Art | Unconventional French Manicure

Unconventional French Manicures

Pearl Girls

If you want to look like you’re part of the IT crowd then embrace this rather eye-brow raising style. Nails adorned with various shapes and sizes of pearls are definitely not for the faint hearted. This design is made to pop so be sure to give it a shot only if you plan to be turning heads while also being ultra-careful so as not to ruin the effect. Since there is no guarantee of pearls peeling off within a day or so, it’s best to sport this style only for an excessively glamourous event.

Nail Art | Pearl Girls

Nail Art With Decorative Pearls




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