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Old Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi Pictures | The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion
The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion
08 th May 2016

Over-the-top was the style mantra for vintage Bollywood.

Almost every actor of the 70s and 80s has fallen trap to over-the-top Bollywood fashion.

Madhuri Dixit, Sri Devi, Anil Kapoor and Govinda are all fashion icons, yet they have all sported over-the-top Bollywood fashion in their heyday.

With time, Bollywood fashion has changed drastically and the same stars have emerged as epitome of class and sophistication.

With change we have been constantly bombarded with flawless looks displayed by most of the ruling Bollywood stars. However, sometimes the impeccable looks give way to Bollywood fashion that really stand out (literally).

Here is our compilation of some of the most over the top Bollywood fashion looks from the last decade:

Deepika Padukone’s Gown Meets Fur

From over the top Bollywood fashion to a style icon, Deepika has come a long way from her hideous outfit days. The actress had displayed some cringe worthy red carpet statements during the start of her acting career. A hip hugging peach gown with tulle flaring below was worn by the actress at the London premiere of her 2009 movie Chandni Chowk to China. The gown does no justice to her svelte figure and she only enhanced the unsightly factor with the ugly fur coat.

Deepika Padukone's Gown | The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion

Sushmita Sen’s Robe Outfit

For the IIFA Fashion Extravaganza at Macau in 2009, Sushmita Sen turned up in an outfit that resembled a night robe. The usually well dressed actress surprised everyone with her outfit choice. It looks like something you might wear to bed and it looked just ridiculous on the red carpet. It is difficult to grasp what the actress was thinking while displaying this weird sense of Bollywood fashion.

Sushmita Sen's Robe Gown | The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion

Mallika Sherawat’s Barely There Gown

Mallika Sherawat is known to create a furore with her daring screen choices as well as outfit choices. She managed to stay true to her image with the daring black outfit at the premiere of the movie, Inglorious Bastards, at Los Angeles. The gown looks like a fitted sheer cover over a bikini. The gown is a misfit for a red carpet event and even a beach cover-up offers more coverage than Mallika’s unique gown.

Mallika Sherawat's Sheer Gown | The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion

Sonam Kapoor’s Tryst With Overboard

Sonam is our dear fashionista and we admire most of her surprising ensembles that she displays with panache. However even the stylish diva seems to have bad fashion days when she goes a tad over the top. Her ugly shoulder hole sweater top paired with an equally hideous matching skirt that looks like pieces of fabric joined together is an eyesore. Her tricolour salwar kameez outfit also has too much colour play for sophistication. I guess our Bollywood fashion icon sometimes wakes up on the wrong side of the bed to go against her high standards.

Sonam Kapoor's Over the Top Fashion | The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion

Vidya Balan’s Fashion Blunders

I think on today’s Bollywood fashion scene the only actress who has constantly received flak for her fashion sense is none other than Vidya Balan. The pictures below act as evidence for the statement. Of all the gorgeous red lehengas available in India, Vidya had to display the one shown below. For the tricolour outfit we have no words to describe its jarring effect.

Vidya Balan’s Fashion Blunders | The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion

Yami Gautam’s Tulle Dress

Yami beautiful blush dress was concealed by a stretch of black tulle stitched across it. Yami needs to learn that sometimes less is more. The tulle part was better ripped apart and left at home, to make a stylish statement.

Yami Gautam's Tulle Dress | The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion

Huma Qureshi’s Symmetry

We love how Huma dresses up her not-so-petite form most of the time. But the blue outfit with highlighted whimsical symmetry is a very bad example of Bollywood fashion.

Huma Qureshi's Wierd Gown | The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion

Madhoo Blings It On

Madhoo takes bling on red carpets to a higher degree and that too in an unflattering cut. We wonder if that was really the best outfit she could lay her hands on for a prestigious red carpet event.

Madhoo's Blingy Dress | The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion

Sonakshi Sinha’s Egyptian Wonder

Sonakshi Sinha’s Egyptian inspired outfit by Shane and Peacock looks more appropriate for a Halloween party rather than an example of Bollywood fashion on the red carpet. We hope that the ravishing actress does not pull a Mummy Returns look for the fashion audience again!

Sonakshi Sinha's Egyptian Gown | The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion

Kajol’s Rainbow Jumpsuit

The rainbow jumpsuit looks like an ensemble inspired by a clown’s colourful wardrobe. The outfit is too playful to do justice to an acclaimed actress like Kajol. The look can be very cute for a little girl or a young actress. However for Kajol, we would definitely love to see her in more classy ensembles. We hope that Kajol goes for something a bit more understated in the future.

Kajol's Colourful Jumpsuit | The Most Over-the-Top Bollywood Fashion

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