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Miss Right and her Right Now Lehenga Designs-Stylish Thoughts
Miss Right and her Right Now Lehenga Designs
03 rd Oct 2015

Brides to be, I think we can all agree that finding the ideal man may have been an ordeal (as well an adventure), but finding the perfect lehenga design is even harder. Just like Mr. Right you need your lehenga design to camouflage your imperfections and flatter your talents (or shall we say assets) but the challenge lies in finding one that is also on trend.

No one wants an outdated man but an outdated lehenga is even worse. An archaic man who oozes old world charm with his romantic notions of a bygone era can be cajoled into waking up to the ideas of this century by a sassy lady, but an antiquated lehenga design will remain plastered in your wedding pictures FOREVER!

The ultimate lehenga design is that illusive combination of right and right now that we know is up there with all the outrageous mysteries of the world like UFO sightings, the Loch Ness Monster and the endings of Christopher Nolan movies. It’s all about believing and searching until you stumble upon THE ONE.

There is nothing to stop you from wearing that heirloom lehenga passed down from your grandmother to your mother and now to you, but it’s absolutely imperative to give it a face-lift and get it on point. You may have dreamed of looking exactly as they did on their wedding days but remember that fashion is evolutionary by nature and what may have looked stunning circa 1900s might look downright hideous in 2015. Even if you love all things classic and vintage, bear in mind that putting a modern spin on an oldie with a few simple alterations can make all the difference between blah and va va voom.

With so many styles, silhouettes, shapes, patterns, cuts and fabrics on offer there is no reason to look like a younger sibling in the frumpy hand me down lehenga design that does nothing to accentuate your body. Below are a few lehenga designs that can become your inspiration to upgrade your old lehengas or invest in a brand new one and have your own family heirloom that can be passed on to future generations.

White Lehenga Designs

There is nothing purer, more chaste and unbelievably ethereal than a bride in white. A woman in white on her wedding day is a vision to behold and a sight to remember. It’s unsurprising then that white lehenga designs are revamped and reinvented every few years with an infusion of contemporary elements to make them current. Much like western countries many Indian communities necessitate that the bride wear white on the big day to symbolise virginity and fertility. 

Lehenga Designs - White


Crop Top Lehenga Designs

Spending hours at the gym sweating it out while living on protein shakes and low carb meals for months before your big day may seem like a waste if you can’t show off those washboard abs. In comes the crop top lehenga design which features a voluminous high waist lehenga paired with an itsy bitsy crop top. Think Betty Draper meets Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with a dose of ethnic chic and you have an ensemble that will awaken the green-eyed monster in every woman on the guest list. For brides who are intimidated by the prospect of going completely spunky on their wedding day, opt for a looser crop top that exposes only a sliver of skin but still gives you a little bit of an edge. 

Lehenga Designs - Crop Top Lehengas


Floral Lehenga Designs

Floral prints are a massive trend this season and not just for brides but for bridegrooms as well. Embrace your inner flower child with pastel or bright floral printed lehenga designs and get your man to wear a floral kurta or chudidar to take the age-old concept of matching outfits up by several notches. There are prints galore to choose from in colour combinations that will make the mind boggle. Just let yours or your designer’s imagination soar and wear never before seen colours that will pop against any decor. 

Lehenga Designs - Floral Lehenga


Lace Lehenga Designs

Lets face it, every bride has dreamed of looking like a princess in a pristine white ball gown. You might not have to give up on that aspiration altogether by enforcing a dress code of gowns and tuxedos at your wedding reception but lace lehenga designs are the perfect solution to your princess bride wishes for the wedding ceremony. Fashioned from handmade Chantilly laces or embroidered and beaded laces with an extremely voluminous lehenga and fitted blouse, lace lehenga designs are dripping with vintage appeal that spells fairytale romance. 

Lehenga Designs - Lace Lehengas


Lehenga Designs - Lace Lehenga


Jacket Lehenga Designs

If you happen to be getting married in frigid temperatures or are extremely wary of belly button exposing blouses then jacket lehenga designs are a godsend for you. A long embellished jacket that falls over the lehenga completely negates the need to bare your tummy and keeps you toasty in the cold. Layering is the name of the game with jacket lehenga designs as different fabrics and embroideries are used to create interesting textures and sparkly magic. With no need for draping a cumbersome dupatta, jacket lehenga designs are ideal for brides who want to dance the night away in complete comfort. 

Lehenga Designs - Jacket Lehengas


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