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Menswear Feature: The Season of the Jacket
18 th Jan 2015


One of the greatest things about the dreaded winter/colder months is the huge and versatile variety of Indian jackets that are available when it comes to attire designed for men, something that isn’t always easy to find. Times are changing within the fashion world and men are now expected to look just as stylish and on trend as women. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that men are now also going to take over two hours to get ready everyday, it evidently means that the opportunity for men to look fashionable is a lot higher now.

Out of the large variety of Indian clothing available around the winter months, Indian jackets for men seem to be the best and most popular choices in terms of making a fashion statement and highlighting their silhouettes. When it comes down to stylish menswear, Indian jackets truly do stand out. One of our favourite designers at the moment of on trend Indian jackets is Nitin Chawla. Nitin Chawla is an Indian Designer who creates fashion forward men’s styles with an emphasis on essential and stylish practicality, as well as meticulous attention to detail and sharp tailoring. The designer's collections include Shirts, Trousers, Jackets, and Suits.

Nitin Chawla's stylish apparel appeals to modern sensibilities with a unique style statement that is also functional. One of our favourite Indian jackets from his recent collection which is perfect for the current season is this stylish bomber jacket in the suave and versatile colour of ash grey, featuring two slant pockets on each side with statement long zippers.  

 Menswear feature - The Season of the Jacket | Nitin Chawla Bomber Jacket

Another jacket we love is this eye catching white biker jacket. When you think of biker jackets the first thing that comes mind is normally black and leather, but Nitin Chawla turns the game around with this one, he uses the bold colour white with cotton material, to create a relaxed, laid back version of the biker jacket. This piece is made for the man who makes his own rules; this jacket is double-breasted and features two zippers on its side. Its collar is relaxed and has statement-making lapels, which would go perfectly teamed with a simple t-shirt worn underneath. 

Menswear feature - The Season of the Jacket | Nitin Chawla White Jacket

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