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Meera Mahadevia: An International Success Story
Meera Mahadevia: An International Success Story
11 th Nov 2014


Meera Mahadevia is perhaps the best kept secret in the international luxury handbag market, the brand first began 27 years ago as a customised design accessory for celebrities and socialites across the glob. Till now her designs have been only accessible to those who were lucky enough to grace the red carpet, but today her beautiful creations are showcased not only across India but in a number of high-end fashion boutiques and online stores around the world.

Meera Mahadevia, An International Success Story Meera Mahadevia with Clutch Bag

Known as the Queen of customised accessories, even Angelina Jolie loves her unique and stunning bags. Her bags are very true their Indian roots, within the motifs, detailed designs and ethnic fabrics. She's innovated bridal bags and turned her entrepreneurial success into a huge and thriving business. She says, "You just have to be on top of everything and be innovative." She also stated that her inspiration come from trevelling, which is what makes her so creative, and that’s she loves to wander creative spaces.

Meera Mahadevia, An International Success Story, Clutch Bag

Her zardozi batuas are her most-wanted items by some of the World's most leading celebrities. Bollywood actress Rekha is a big fan of her bags, Parmeshwar Godrej strolls in her sandals and Kirron Kher matches all her stylish sari with Meera’s bags; aswell a lot of other well know Bollywood celebrities!

The Queen of accessories started relatively small, but seemed to know that accessories would be the future. She stated, "I started really small, but I now have a huge factory which creates accessories using India's most traditional crafts, weaves and embroideries."

Meera Mahadevia, An International Success Story Clutch Bag

The West immediately fell in love with the vast variety of her designs and they are now seen all over the world. Her pieces are said to be more like pieces of art, that can be passed down from one generation to the next. All her pieces are hand crafted with a lot of detail and metal work, her shoes even have engraved metal heels and buckles for the custom-made shoes and bags. 


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