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Mantastic Diwali Outfit Ideas for Men
Mantastic Diwali Outfit Ideas for Men
05 th Oct 2017

Scrumptious food, twinkling lights, dazzling fireworks, nightlong card sessions, endless parties and most importantly homely warmth and boisterous laughter are few of the fantastical elements that make up Diwali. Indians celebrate the Hindu festival like Christmas all over the world. But Diwali is no longer confined to Hindus and Indians thanks to the western world’s love affair with all things exotic, religious and pure ethnic Indian.

If you’re Indian and a 80s or 90s child you probably also have fond memories of buying or being presented with new clothes for the occasion. It was undoubtedly yet another cherry or shall we say laddu on top of the firecracker laden Diwali cake. Squeaky clean homes and new outfits used to hold cultural significance for inviting good energies and creating a fresh start in every home as each family ushered in the Hindu New Year together.

New threads might have lost their sheen in the process of getting older and becoming independent adults but are still very much a part of Diwali celebrations. Obviously the ladies need no prodding when it comes to shopping but it’s usually the men who moan and groan at the thought of putting in the effort to buy new outfits.

The idea of venturing out to shop might be the stuff of nightmares for you. But you also wouldn’t want to end up wearing some really nerdy outfit picked out by mom, especially in the absence of a significant other because Diwali parties are ideal hunting grounds for scoring your next relationship. Luckily Diwali clothes shopping no longer involves dragging your tired and lazy behind all over the city trying to hunt down the latest Indian clothing store known for it’s stellar collection. Thanks to the magic of online shopping, you can do it yourself from the comfort of your own home in pyjamas while sipping your favourite brew. And if you’re worried about WHICH website to browse and WHAT to buy then here is a handy guide from Strand Of Silk for Diwali dressing to suit every personality.

Diwali Outfits for The Can’t-Be-Bothered Man

If your general philosophy for dressing involves a scruffy tee, ripped jeans and dishevelled hair then you clearly won’t have much patience to read about fashion so best get to it. Light silk and cotton kurtas will see you through everything from religious poojas to house warming parties and cards sessions. If an entire ensemble down to the churidhar is a bit much for your liking then pairing your kurtas with well fitted and NOT ripped jeans is a combination that will have you looking sharp and groomed without much effort and still within your comfort zone.

Mens Diwali Dressing | Can't Be Bothered

Outfit Ideas For The Can't-Be-Bothered Man

Diwali Outfits for The Minimal Effort Maximum Effect Man

This is probably every man out there as it speaks to the general male tendency to be efficient without spending too much time on an endeavour. You want to look put-together and polished but don’t want to spend copious amounts of time planning outfits. Similar hued separates like bandhi jackets, ethnic print blazers and solid coloured or textured kurtas and churidhars work well with your fluid sense of style so you can easily mix and match pieces. A simple kurta and churidhar can work for small religious ceremonies and the same ensemble can be dressed up with a sleevless bandhi jacket for dressier occasions. Similarly you can throw on an ethnic print blazer over your regular shirt and trousers for days when you’re rushing to social dos after work.

Mens Diwali Dressing | Minimum Effort

Outfit Ideas For The Man Who Appreciates Minimal Effort

Diwali Outfits for The Dapper Gentleman

Being dressed in the latest trends and being primed and coiffed is second nature to you and you aren’t worried in the least about defying conventions or standing out. You’ve probably given considerable thought to your Diwali outfits and looked over your jam packed socialising schedule to decide what to wear at each do and will probably carry a change of wardrobe in your car at all times. Quick swaps aren’t your thing cause you dress for yourself rather than to impress anyone else but everyone’s envy is a nifty side effect of your amazing styling prowess. Immaculately cut jackets with trousers are you go-to for all night Diwali ragers. The currently on-point draped kurtas with and without jackets might be a reach for some men but you can wear them with pride for traditional functions. You are also unafraid of colours and confident enough to wear everything from blush peach to baby pink with real pizzazz.

Mens Diwali Dressing | Dapper Gentleman

Outfit Ideas For The Dapper Gentleman




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