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Long Summer Dresses To Breeze Through The Heat
Long Summer Dresses to breeze through the heat
08 th May 2015

The sun is shining bright and there will be no better time than now to wear breezy dresses.

Dresses in natural fabrics in light hues let you breathe and relax when the sun shines down on you.

If you are looking to sort your summer wardrobe, then look no further from long summer dresses this season – they are cool, chic, fashionable and perfect to breeze through the heat. Also, it is about time you gave those shorts a break and tried something new!

If you are looking to amp up this season’s wardrobe, here is how to go about picking long summer dresses, because let’s admit it, nothing else lets you enjoy the sunshine like a summer dress!

Fabric is the Key

Long Summer Dresses to breeze through the heat - Right Fabric

Stay away from synthetic fabrics. This obviously means that what works best are natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Long summer dresses in natural fabrics are light and breathable, letting you remain cool all through the day.

Choose the Right Colour

Long Summer Dresses to breeze through the heat - Right Colour

Light colours are the best for they reflect the heat and help you stay cool. Does that mean you have to resort to long summer dresses boring pastels? Not at all. Go and paint the town in vibrant colours like limes, yellows and pinks.

They don’t just make you look bright but also enhance your feel good quotient!  And of course, you also need one versatile white outfit with which you can never go wrong!

It is All in the Silhouette

Long Summer Dresses to breeze through the heat - Experiment with Silhouettes

For those who thought that long summer dresses would be boring, we’d like to tell you that this is perhaps the biggest myth ever! With long dresses, you can keep the look interesting by experimenting with asymmetric silhouettes, cut out backs and strappy shoulders.

Pick silhouettes that are comfortable and look flattering and you are all set to take on the day. Imagine, being able to look fantabulous by just throwing on one item of clothing – that’s the beauty of a summer dress.   

Prints Love

Long Summer Dresses to breeze through the heat - Prints Love

Prints – large or small, floral or geometric, ginghams or stripes – are all in this summer. When it comes to the overall look, floral prints are almost always a safe bet, but stripes and chevron prints could be tricky. So make sure to pick a print that flatters your body type.

Last but not the Least, Fit

Long Summer Dresses to breeze through the heat - Fit is Important

Fit is the most important thing when it comes to any dress. When we say breezy and summery, we do not mean loose clothing without any form. Long summer dresses with fitted waists and billowing skirts are a great choice. If you are going to be wearing heels, then pick a dress that lays flush beneath your ankles. Choose comfort without compromising on the style!

Long summer dresses are a great way to enjoy the season of sunshine and brightness. Don’t skimp on the accessories though - keep the look bright and vibrant with chandelier earrings, chunky bead necklaces and bright printed scarves. Go ahead and add these dresses to your wardrobe to stay cool and fashionable this summer!  

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