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London Collections – Men Trend Top Picks | Top 3 Trends
London Collections Men - Top Trend Picks
20 th Jan 2015


Fashion season has officially started and as you may have already known due to the influx of well-dressed men swarming the streets of London this week. The occasion was no other than London Collections: Men, also known as ‘LCM’. London Collections Men is a platform that showcases some of the biggest and hottest menswear designers at the current time, as well as showcasing big brands from across the globe.

Hundreds of menswear fans flocked the streets of London to the many shows to try and get a glimpse of what’s to offer in the fashion world in the up coming months. We saw an influx of new trends from designers such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry and J.W. Anderson that dominated the catwalks with the likes of fur, velvet and even men’s jumpsuits! Here are the top 3 trends that really stood out to us:

Shearling Jackets

The popular 70s trend has made a huge and much welcomed comeback with the likes of Topman showcasing the trend on Day 1 of the event. The trend was then predominant again on Day 4, with designers J. W. Anderson and Huntergather both presenting collections with a distinct relaxed hippy vibe, where the shearling jacket was a clear stand-out trend. The dominated shades were camel tone and deep brown, which worked perfectly with the coat style and waistcoats which were lined with adorably fuzzy fabric.

James Long a more modern and unique take on the 70s trend by showcasing sleek and classic leather bomber and denim jackets and aviators with contrasting off-white shearling detail displayed on the collars, labels, cuffs and within pockets; this is one stylish trend that you’ll definitely be thankful within the freezing winter months!

London Collections – Men Trend Top Picks  | Shearling Jackets

Dapper and Decadent

If you’re likely to be attending a big party or formal black tie ball next Christmas and went to stand out, then this trend is perfect. Get rid of your boring and over worn black dinner jacket, and embrace AW15’s bold, daring, attention-grabbing formal wear. Turnbull and Asser’s ‘Deadly Dandies, Tea and Treachery’ showcase was packed with beautiful flamboyant fabrics, unique metallic jacquard and stunning paisley silk, showcased within a beautiful collection of smart dinner jackets, and dress coats.

Obviously, there’s not many designers who can beat Alexander McQueen when it comes down to men's tailoring, and the label certainly didn’t disappoint! They presented a gorgeous array of dark and dremy evening wear that everyone went mad for. Floral prints were given a draker gothic twist teamed with slender silhouettes in tones of black, maroons, dark navy and greys.

London Collections – Men Trend Top Picks | Dapper Suit Jackets


Probably the most unlikely of the emerging trends from London Collections Men clothing is the new jumpsuit for men. Whether it is all over leather from Belstaff or shockingly white from Topman, the men’s jumpsuit is officially a menswear trend this year. The Kingsman for was showcased as an amazing wool siren suit which combined the jumpsuit trend with pinstripes - two AW15 London Collections Men trends in one!

The collection was designed as a collaboration with the director Matthew Vaughn to go hand in hand with the new release of his upcoming film, Kingsman: The Secret Service. If you're someone who likes to keep ahead of the new and quirky trends, then this trend if definitely for you!

London Collections – Men Trend Top Picks | Jumpsuits


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