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Let There Be Light - 10 Diwali Decoration Ideas
19 th Oct 2015

The biggest, brightest, loudest and most opulent of all Hindu festivals is Diwali. For 5 joyful days everyone takes a break from their hectic schedules and busy lives to bond with family, pray for prosperity, indulge in lip-smacking food and surround themselves with the beautiful twinkling lights of Diwali that touch the soul.

Diwali decorations are an essential element to celebrating the festival and an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones. Whether it’s shopping for decorations at local flea markets and larger stores or crafting some wonderfully inventive DIY creations, there is a certain kind of magic in getting together and decorating one’s home for Diwali.

There are some classically traditional Diwali decoration ideas like brown clay diyas, yellow marigold torans and handmade rangolis that are as timeless as the festival itself but there is no reason why you can’t side step the classics and reinvent your Diwali decorations this year. Take a cue from the following ideas and ensure your Diwali decorations are wonderfully memorable.

1. Diyas

Diwali is not Diwali without the shimmering light of diyas. Light up your home with different kinds of diyas for the entrance, living rooms and bedrooms. Purchase some colourful diyas at the store and create imaginative placements all around the house.

Diwali Decorating Ideas | Blue and Red Patterned Diyas

Diwali Decorating Ideas | Multi Coloured Patterned Diyas

Diwali Decorating Ideas | Yellow & Green, Red & Grey Diyas


2. Painted Candles

If you prefer to go the modern route for your Diwali decorations then ditch the diyas and arrange some painted candles in different shapes and sizes instead. These candles will looks just as pretty unlit as they will when they’re lit up and make for perfect centrepieces on dining tables or coffee tables. DIY junkies can paint their own candles or collect some dry leaves and stick them onto plain candles. 

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Painted Candles

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Butterfly and Flower Painted Candles


3. Floating Candles

Another modern and elegant way to decorate your home this Diwali is with floating candles. A crystal bowl or large flat metal pot full of water and flower petals with floating candles will make for lovely Diwali decorations for lobbies, foyers or gardens. Alternatively use floating candles with long glass vases in varying lengths with stones and artificial flowers at the bottom. 

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Floating Candles With Red Petels

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Floating Candles with Colourful Petels

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Floating Candles with Stones in a Tall Glass


4. Doily Lights

DIY lovers who enjoy getting crafty can use Doily Lights as Diwali decorations for walls, windowsills and door frames. All you need are new or old doilies and LED lights. Punch holes in the middle of the doilies large enough to fit the bulb of the LED lights or pass the lights through the existing design holes and hang the entire cord of lights and doilies.

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Heart Shaped Doily Lights


5. Readymade Rangolis

The intricate art of creating handmade rangolis from scratch is an absolute talent that only a few posses. But for those not as artistically blessed who hate the idea of struggling with stencils for hours only to end up with an untidy mess, readymade rangolis are the ideal Diwali decorations to adorn the entrance to your home. 

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Colourful Readymade Flower Shaped Rangolis

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Multi-Coloured Readymade Rangolis

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Purple, Pink and Green Readymade Rangolis


6. Lanterns

Windows and ceilings decorated with lanterns are an essential Diwali decoration for every festive season. With a whole host of new shapes, colours and fabrics to choose from the humble lanterns in their modern and contemporary version can also become statement pieces. 

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Beautiful Multi-Coloured Lanterns

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Pink, Orange and Yellow Flower Shaped Lanterns


7. Torans

Another common feature of all Diwali decorations is the toran that is hung on top of the main door.  Although flower torans may have become more stylish they will start to wilt and decay in 1-2 days. Instead opt for torans made from paper or metal that will last a long time and can be reused on different doors all around the house. 

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Yellow Paper Torans

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Red Paper Torans


8. Diwali Themed Cookies

Decorate your table with some tasty and aesthetically pleasing diya shaped cookies. Let you imagination soar and get your hands in some dough to bake some other diwali theme delicacies to serve to your guests or pay a visit to your local Indian bakery to check what they have on offer. 

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Diwali Themed Cookies


9. Laxmi Paintings

Adorn your walls with serene paintings of the Goddess Laxmi who is revered during the festive period. The paintings can double up as wall hangings for Diwali decorations and for worship during Diwali pooja. 

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Laxmi Paintings for Diwali


10. Firecracker Crafts

Environmentally conscious revellers of Diwali who refrain from bursting firecrackers that cause sound and air pollution can use some firecracker crafts as Diwali decorations peppered around the house instead. Even for those who love to light up the skies with firecrackers these decorations would make for unique souvenirs with Diwali gifts and sweets. 

Diwali Decorating Ideas - Handmade Firecracker Decorations for Diwali


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