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Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics
11 th Nov 2015

When we hear about Indian outfits, it always evokes an image of gorgeous embroidery and out of the world thread-work. While such embellishments are beautiful, a simple lehenga that is more about the fabric can have its own charm.

The modern designers like Anushree Reddy and Ridhi Mehra are revolutionising the concept of Indian lehengas with their surprising simple lehengas that can win hearts.

Some embellished lehengas are so elaborate that they totally make it impossible to detect the colour or the texture of the fabric. Simple lehengas, that do not take the fabrics to a state of obscurity, have become a favourite with the young brides of today. These lehengas give a sophisticated, subtle look that needs no fancy additions. They also become perfect choices for the sisters of the wedding couple, close friends or female members of the family. The simple lehengas are all about making a big statement with less fuss and celebrating the actual fabric.

Cool Cotton

Wearing cotton for an Indian wedding is startling but a lot of Indian designers have converted this age old Indian fabric into innovative lehengas, which trendy young girls cannot turn down. Cotton is a preferred fabric in India, with its tropical weather conditions.

Cotton has the advantage of transforming into a richer fabric, by easily blending with other materials to produce chanderi and voile, which are known for exquisite simple lehengas. The cotton-silk blend lehengas give the richness of silk and comfort of cotton. The lehengas below, using cotton, are mesmerising.

Cotton Lehengas | Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics

Rich Silk

Cotton and silk are indigenous Indian fabrics with a rich legacy. Silk has always enjoyed the status of being the fabric of royalty.  Even today silk is associated with lavish events and fine dressing. A fabric like silk can create beautiful simple lehengas without any enhancement work on it. The following picture shows a handloom silk lehenga by Tarun Tahiliani being worn by Shilpa Shetty, in an interesting cut. The other two hot pink lehengas from our website are examples of how a hint of zari can transform the pure silk lehengas into luxury.

Pink Silk Lehengas from Strand of Silk | Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics

Royal Velvet

Velvet fabric is generally dyed in dark hues like maroon, deep blue and green. Simple lehengas in velvet with minimal detailing look very arresting. Velvet was a luxury fabric associated with royalty in the olden days but today the fabric is easily available and the soft form retaining fabric is generally used with a lighter fabric to create scintillating lehengas. The picture shows our lehengas with velvet appliqué work that really sets them apart.

Velvet Lehengas From Strand of Silk | Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics

Cascading Chiffon

Chiffon fabric is made from silk, cotton, nylon, polyester or rayon. This fabric gives a sheer, light look and because of its cascading fall can be used to create dazzling layered lehengas. The centre red lehenga by Raakesh Agarvwal paired with silver brocade blouse, and silver embroidery just near the waist, looks enchanting and the framing lehengas by Swaha display the attractive minimalistic look. These looks can be shopped on our website.

Chiffon Lehengas - Refreshing Dual Toned Lehenga and Pretty Minimalist Lehenga From Strand of Silk | Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics

Fall of Georgette

Georgette is another favoured light fabric for simple lehengas. The pure type of georgette is woven out of silk. Georgette fabric is lightly crinkled while chiffon has a smooth feel.

Georgette Lehengas - Gold and Indigo Blue Set and The Malika Lehenga From Strand of Silk | Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics

Silky Satin

Satin did not originate in India but our ancient royalty preferred to get the fabric imported for attires with a rich smooth look. Fibres like silk, cotton and wool are used to create satin. Even polyesters and acetates are used to produce inexpensive types of satin. The modern designers are using this fabric in the simple lehengas as the glossy look of satin has the inherent richness for festive occasions like weddings.

Satin Lehengas | Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics

Digital Print Lehengas

Sabyasachi’s 70s inspired printed maxi skirt type lehengas paired with striped crop tops became extremely popular in the fashion world. The lehenga’s soft digital print fabrics were visible as the models sashayed the ramp.

Printed lehengas with minimally embellished hems look outstanding with a well paired blouse. The printed fabrics have been explored by a lot of emerging and well known designers to create some interesting simple lehenga designs.

Printed Lehengas - Trendy Geometric Pop Lehenga From Strand of Silk | Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics

Brocade Lehenga

Brocade is a type of fabric that is weaved with intrinsic raised patterns. Since time immemorial this fabric has been a symbol of status in India. Benarasi brocade, Kanjeevaram brocades and others using silk as the base fabric have been weaved into sarees for a long time. 

The designers of today however are contemporising the brocade fabric by using it in simple lehengas as well as other western silhouettes. Brocade fabrics are created in cotton too. The fabric itself looks so attractive that it needs no further embellishments. The following brocade lehengas are by Anita Dongre and Sanjay Garg.

Brocade Lehenga - The Ramani Lehenga From Strand of Silk | Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics

Plain Lehengas

Nowadays brides are also opting for a more contemporary look for their wedding through plain simple lehengas which may have minor embellishments at the border.

Solids - simple lehengas paired with a crop top or an embellished blouse are becoming very popular and look very alluring.

Solid Lehengas - Off-White and Blue Lehenga From Strand of Silk | Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics

Pastels - gentle and pleasing coloured simple lehengas need no elaborate decoration.

Pastel Lehengas - Vibrant Embelished Lehenga and Gorgeous Misty Rose Lehenga | Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics

Neons - The use of neon coloured fabrics on lehenga looks striking. Neon pinks, greens, oranges and yellows are tamed aesthetically by the designers to give a visually appealing look. These colours look amazing when paired with a shimmery blouse with a brief hint of shimmer in the simple lehenga.

Neon Lehengas | Less is More – Simple Lehengas in Rich Fabrics

Today’s bride gives preference to style that can be displayed effortlessly. A heavily embellished encrusted lehenga with a regal princess look comes with the price of bearing the wearer down with its weight. Ravishing simple lehengas give the dual benefit of making a style statement along with the ease of carrying it. So it is no wonder that more and more modern thinking brides are opting for chic simple lehengas, without added baggage, for their special day. If you want to have a blast at your wedding or your best friend’s wedding, simple lehengas with appealing fabrics, are the way to go!

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