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The Latest Designer Collections From Lakmé Fashion Show 2014 Day 4-5
The Latest Designer Collections From Lakmé Fashion Week 2014 Day 4-5
20 th Mar 2014

The arrival of Lakmé Fashion Week brought with it wonderfully innovative and thrilling shows from a vast variety of talented designers. One of the truly memorable shows from the first couple of days was Tarun Tahiliani’s with his eclectic and vibrant spectacle that ensured an impressive and thrilling show. We were blown away by Anita Dongre’s display that was particularly stimulating as she mixed Varanasi weaves with boho styled silhouettes. After these astonishing and exhilarating first few days we were extremely excited about the rest of the week knowing that the Lakmé Fashion Show designers would not fail to feed our fashion addiction with their spectacular designs.

Day 4 brought with it the spectacular show of Bombay based designer Ken Ferns. Bursting into the scene in 2010, the designer is known for creating designs that allude to unconventional themes, this year he did not disappoint. His show was a scintillating experience for the audience as he delighted us with his collection called, ‘Secret Garden’ giving the audience the impression of wandering through a majestic floral utopia. Inspired by the Golden Age of Portugese ceramic tile painting, he incorporated this influence into his sensuous garments that used soft colours of blue and white on pleated shorts, maxi skirts and tops with flowing sleeves. His Lakmé Fashion Show met its crescendo with Ferns’ gorgeous showstopper Gauhar Khan who glided down the ramp in a beautifully printed dress with a pencil skirt.

Next on the list of incredible shows was the designer Sonaakshi Raaj’s whose passion for the glamour and decadence of the Red Carpet influenced her Lakmé Fashion Show, ‘Broadway Affair’. The designer used timeless and intricate detailing to add texture to the silk fabrics providing a splendid seductive nature to her designs. Sonaakshi’s gowns were ceremonious in their elegance. Her pre-stitched sarees, lace blouses, halter gold bustier and cutout boleros added exciting diversity to her impressive collection.

Anju Modi’s 2014 Lakmé Fashion Show was dazzling! Modi’s collection was called ‘Seeking Paradise’ and paradise; she certainly created through her beautiful silhouettes that blossomed with light colours of blue, cream and fresh coral. Modi used intricate embroidery inspired by filigree windows and the carved arches of the doorways to Utopian paradise. Her garments featured long sleeved choli, net pinafore and dhoti.

We were devastated that Day 5 of Lakmé Fashion Week was here already although excited by the prospect of being astounded by the closing shows, knowing that Lakmé was sure to go out with an explosion of decadence and splendour. We weren’t wrong!

A collection that impressed us on Day 5 was Kunal Anil Tanna’s Lakmé Fashion Show. His collection was named ‘Indigo Summer’ and rightly so as it was suffused with gentle blue and white colours touched with dashes of orange and yellow. Kunal Anil Tanna went for style and rich Jaipur detailing and he certainly managed to pull it off!

On arriving at Neeta Lulla’s Lakmé Fashion Show we were intrigued and excited by the stage set. The ceiling was covered in a textured array of white paper origami birds to create that subtle beauty of spring. She used hot tropical colours, which were balanced with Aztec and Carnival influences through her monochromatic range that was particularly visually stunning. Neeta’s designs were showcased through a rainbow of colours, brown, chutney green, orange, shocking pink and blue. Within each of these colour sections the designer showcased maxis, tube dresses, practical blouses, sarees and simple cholis. Stealing the show was the beautiful Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra who elegantly strolled down the ramp in a long white silk kaftan. Neeta Lulla’s collection was both eye-catching and resplendent.

Finally the great closing Lakmé Fashion Show was upon us and what a magnificent show it was! Located on the immaculate lawns of the venue the ramp gleamed with reflections from the multitude of mirrors that ran along the length of the runway. The trees that rose up around the ramp further enhanced this eerie spectacle. Rajesh Pratap Singh’s collection was called ‘Illusion’ and this ephemeral name he conjured effectively through the glowing helmets that the models wore with transparent graphic footwear and his signature white shirts. Rajesh’s designs were divided into day and night. The day mood started with light coloured outfits in soft fabrics with fluid silhouettes. These then merged gradually into metallic yarns and sheer glass weaves eventually climaxing in black shades with silver features. The show drew to a close with the actress Kareena Kapoor gliding down the ramp in a long black dazzling gown.

We were incredibly impressed by this year’s Lakmé Fashion Show where we had witnessed an amazing array of new clothes for Spring/Summer 2014.


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