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Ladies, Lend Me Your Ears: A Guide to Buying Ear Cuffs Online
Ladies, Lend Me Your Ears: A Guide to Buying Ear Cuffs Online
20 th Sep 2015

Move over studs and hoops, there is an edgy new bauble in town and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon – THE EAR CUFF! There is a wave of 90s fashion revival in the air with the return of crop tops, overalls, flat forms, mauve-brown lip colours (thanks for that one, Kylie Jenner!) as well as the statement making earring staples, Ear Cuffs. The resurgent earpieces that were oh-so-hip back in high school have been kicking up a storm on the runway at Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion show and on the red carpet as Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson embrace the trend.

As is the fate of all fashion trends adopted by Hollywood, this one has also made its way on to the dainty ear lobes of Bollywood starlets. The credit for bringing the ear cuff to the shores of Indian fashion goes to none other than uber fashionista Sonam Kapoor. Never one to shy away from trying anything in the name of fashion, her flawless styling of the spunky accessory has made the ear cuff mainstream.

Ear cuffs come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and styles so there is absolutely no excuse to keep those ear lobes adornment free this season. From jewel-encrusted lovelies for some rock chick glam, delicate danglers for the hoop loving festival fanatic, wrap around beauties that are business in the front and party in the back and stacked ear bands that don’t require the sacrifice and pain of cartilage holes, there is an ear cuff out there to suit every girl’s style. Wear them in pairs with an updo or in one ear with a side swept hairstyle to easily take any outfit from cute and sweet to sophisticated and chic.

Indian jewellery designers may have catered to a market largely skewed towards ornaments that paired with traditional clothing in the past but with a surge in couples desirous of a global vibe to their wedding festivities, comes the need for costume jewellery for all those stunning gowns, sari-gowns and all things indo-western. A handful of Indian jewellery designers like have risen to the occasion and crafted gorgeous pieces to satisfy this need for a dose of bling with contemporary styling. Buy ear cuffs online by some of these designers for pieces that will blend seamlessly with western and indo-western outfits while adding that pop of embellishment.

If you’re already dreaming of the perfect ear cuffs but can’t wait until the weekend to beat down the high streets in hot pursuit for them, nothing beats the instant gratification of online shopping. Buy ear cuffs online and you could be rocking your new acquisitions on Saturday night. And for the shopaholics amongst you we have compiled a comprehensive guide to buy ear cuffs online at

Ear Cuff Beginners

For those who love the idea of donning ear cuffs but are green with envy at those who have the confidence to carry them off, these options are perfect for dipping your toes into the ear cuff fashion waters. Pick from these aesthetically perfect dangling style ear cuffs for your ethnic Indian wear or a pair them with your maxi dresses and side slit skirts for the ultimate bohemian twist. There might be those who are hesitant to commit to the trend and will question the decision to buy ear cuffs online. But with these subtle and elegant designs it will be impossible not to fall for their delicate charm.

 Ear Cuff Beginners


  1. Neon Goddess Ear Cuffs by Sannam Chopra
  2. Glittering Field Ear Cuffs by Sannam Chopra
  3. Starry Spring Ear Cuffs by Sannam Chopra
  4. Detach Chained Ear Cuffs by Sannam Chopra
  5. Pretty Secret Ear Cuffs by Sannam Chopra

Ear Cuff Junkies

Connoisseurs can buy ear cuffs online in these styles to satisfy craving for some stunning additions. Those who are seasoned at sporting this alluring accessory can add to their already overflowing collections with these drool worthy pieces. Wallflowers steer clear as these ear cuffs are meant to command attention. Pair these lovelies with some effortlessly stylish outfits and leave out all other accessories save a chunky ring or hand harness for some eyeball grabbing combinations.

Guide to Buying Ear Cuffs Online - Ear Cuff Junkies


  1. Timeless Castles In Air Ear Cuff by Sannam Chopra
  2. Feather Promise Ear Cuff by Sannam Chopra
  3. Stunning Classic Ear Cuffs By Sannam Chopra
  4. Splendid Floral Pearl Ear Cuffs by Ragini Mittal
  5. Charming Ear Cuffs With Pink Beads by Sannam Chopra
  6. Charming Azure Ear Cuffs by Sannam Chopra

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