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Kardashian & Jenner Clones: Indian Equivalents For The Uber Famous Clan
Kardashian & Jenner Clones: Indian Equivalents For The Uber Famous Clan
04 th Nov 2017

Love them or hate them but you cannot ignore them! Reality television’s scandalous first family – The Kardashians and Jenners are everywhere and there is no denying their vast popularity. The family of business savvy ladies helmed by matriarch Kris Jenner have turned the success of a reality telly series into an empire worth several millions and they’re not even close to being done. Their methods for achieving this fame and success may raise a few prudish eyebrows and are probably on the wrong side of ethical but that doesn’t stop their legions of fans from following their every move.

Sex tapes, nude magazine spreads, freaky plastic surgeries, jaw dropping Instagram revelations, walking international runways, marrying footballers and music moghuls and even illegitimate babies are all part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s ride to super stardom. But we aren’t here to dissect how they got there. Instead we’re more focussed on their flawlessly put together looks that become instant trends all over. In a world filled with stick thin size zero bodies, they flaunt their womanly curves fearlessly and that is something worth applauding.

With those bodacious figures and Armenian genes, the Kardashians give full figured and dark haired beauties, the confidence to embrace their heritage. Even their facial features (original and post surgery) have a more universal appeal as women from a larger spectrum of countries like India, Mexico, Brazil etc. find them more relatable. There is no denying that theirs are few of the most famous faces in the world. And with such a large audience, look alikes and comparisons are unavoidable. Just for giggles, we looked to see if any Indian celebrities could pass for Kardashian-Jenner clones.

Kim Kardashian – Malaika Arora

The queen bee of the clan, Kim was the original star of the family. Even before her marriage of Kanye West, she was an absolute super star in her own right. Her famous posterior has been scrutinised and analysed from every angle and its authenticity is one of the greatest mysteries of the modern age. Her Indian clone is none other than the unbelievably sexy Malaika Arora. The sizzling mama who has a body worth killing over is not oblivious to her likeness to Kim. She often references Kim’s sartorial choices in her own wardrobe, further propagating the clone theory.

Kardashian Clones | Kim-Malaika

Clones - Kim Kardashian & Malaika Arora

Kourtney Kardashian – Zoe Rai

The homely eldest sister, Kourtney has always tried to steer clear of controversy and salacious scandals. Unfortunately for her it’s usually those around her like ex-husband Scott Disick and her other famous sisters who drag her name into unnecessary gossip fodder. The mother of two has often been accused of being cold and boring but she seems unfazed by all the criticism. Her clone Zoe Rai is an as-yet undiscovered Indian model and Instagram star. She is an exciting mix of Kourtney and Kim. Her exotic features and curvy bod are already causing an explosion of sorts with netizens, so it’s only a matter of time before she makes it to the big leagues.

Kardashian Clones | Kourtney-Zoe

Clones - Kourtney Kardashian & Zoe Rai

Khloe Kardashian – Amrita Arora Ladak

As the most unique looking sister, Khloe has openly struggled with fitting in with her family. The super tall and lighter skinned Kardashian is also somewhat of a tomboy as compared to her ultra glamorous and girly siblings. She’s also one of the more popular characters on the show because of her extremely genuine and caring personality. Her fair complexion is a rare find amongst Indian skin tones but it seems ironic that Kim clone Malaika’s sister Amrita might just fit the bill. Amrita’s peaches and cream complexion, sweet face and amicable nature make her a good match as Khloe’s clone. The actress has given up her career for marriage and kids but is still a common fixture on the social media feeds of her famous girl gang that also includes Kareena and Karishma Kapoor.

Kardashian Clones | Khloe-Amrita

Clones - Khloe Kardashian & Amrita Arora Ladak

Kylie Jenner – Afshan Azad

Touted as the new Kim, Kylie’s popularity has been soaring for the past few years. The half sister has already had her fair share of controversies but has turned all of them into her own multi-million dollar business empire. Proving that for some people there is nothing like bad publicity. Kylie’s clone might surprise everyone because she’s not exactly new or unknown. Afshan Azad who played Parvati Patil in all the Harry Potter movies is a dead ringer for Kylie. The pretty young actress is English with Bangladeshi descent. While that’s not the same as being Indian, her near identical look is hard to ignore.

Kardashian Clones | Kylie-Afshan

Clones - Kylie Jenner & Afshan Azad

Kendall Jenner – Khushi & Jhanvi Kapoor

Kendall has consciously decided to tread her own path and her decision has worked wonders for her career as an international fashion model. She’s the least controversial sister in the family, choosing to let her amazing body of work speak for her instead. However she doesn’t completely ignore her other sisters, as she’s often seen in brand endorsements and at events with them. When she’s not walking the runways of fashion weeks, she hobnobs the world with other famous models like Gigi and Bella Hadid. New kid on the block Khushi Kapoor has often donned similar looks to Kendall but they also share some similar facial features. Not surprisingly Khushi’s younger sister Jhanvi also shares a few common traits with Kendall especially her body structure. Both the Kapoor sisters are highly inspired by the Jenner sisters because they’re often seen in near-identical outfits.

Kardashian Clones | Kendall-Khushi-Jhanvi

Clones - Kendall Jenner, Khushi Kapoor & Jhanvi Kapoor



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