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Jump onto the Jumpsuit Bandwagon -Stylish Thoughts
Jump Onto The Jumpsuit Bandwagon
07 th Dec 2015

If you follow fashion trends and read fashion blogs online, then you would have noticed one trend that has been in vogue for quite some time now - that of the jumpsuit.

A jumpsuit is nothing but a garment that comprises of a top and ankle length pants sewn together as a single piece. 

The top and the bottom can be of different colours - giving the appearance of separates or can be made of the same fabric throughout.

Jumpsuits in India are slowly making an appearance on the high street, thanks to them being a favourite with celebrities who define fashion trends in India.

We consider the jumpsuit to be a versatile garment because it can be worn for both formal and casual occasions, so that wearing one to work would be nothing less than a style statement. A chic jumpsuit paired with the right kind of accessories can elevate your style in a way that few other outfits can. What’s more, it is an effortless outfit to own and wear - all in one piece, you pull it on and you are done! We can’t think of any other outfit that can make you stand out in the crowd, so easily!

Though jumpsuits in India are gaining popularity, not everyone has jumped onto the trend, thanks to the apprehensions around the way it looks. If not worn right, it can be an unflattering outfit that can make you look like a painter. So what is the best way of wearing a jumpsuit?

  • Wear it with a belt - This is a no brainer. If you don’t want your jumpsuit to look like a sack, then cinch your waist with a belt. You add some definition and structure to the outfit and also make it more feminine in the process.
  • Pair it with a jacket - A jacket adds some structure to a jumpsuit and also helps break its monotony and makes the ensemble more formal. Given that jumpsuits in India are still a nascent trend, it would be a great way to make a style statement by wearing one to your next meeting with a contrasting jacket thrown on!
  • All black is a good choice - If you are a jumpsuit virgin, go for an all-black piece. It is a fail-proof way to make a style statement and also to get into the groove of wearing a jumpsuit.
  • Look for a flattering cut - A badly cut or a body hugging jumpsuit can kill the look. Choose fluidic fabrics in a cut that accentuates your curves but does not cling to your body.
  • Don’t forget the accessories - Jumpsuits, especially solid ones tend to be monotonous outfits that need some dressing up. So every time you wear a solid jumpsuit, don’t forget to throw in a layered necklace that will add a new element to the overall look. Exercise caution with printed jumpsuits to avoid looking loud.


Now that you have seen some of the dos and don’ts while wearing a jumpsuit, it is time to look at at the styles you can choose from. With many designers and high street labels offering jumpsuits in India to suit various occasions, the options you have are a plenty. Moreover, given the weather the country enjoys, jumpsuits in India can be flaunted all year round, making them an evergreen addition to your wardrobe. If you are wondering where to start, we’ll take you through some designer jumpsuits that can be a good pieces to start your collection with.

Formal Mustard Jumpsuit

  Rombo Textured Jumpsuit | Jump Onto the Jumpsuit Bandwagon

This mustard Swatee Singh jumpsuit features intricate rombo textured detailing on the bodice that lends it a modern edge. Crafted in a pleasant colour with sophisticated detailing, this jumpsuit is perfect to be worn to work or a formal affair. Given that jumpsuits in India are quite a novel trend, this piece can help you make heads turn.

Black and White Checkered Jumpsuit

Stylish Checkered Jumpsuit |  Jump Onto the Jumpsuit Bandwagon

Ever worn a jumpsuit to a party? They can make a proper style statement if you choose your piece well, in a style that is racy and party-ready. If you are willing to experiment, then this Kashmiraa jumpsuit is probably just what you need. With a crossover bodice that features cut outs and sequin detailing that lets you flaunt your svelte figure, this jumpsuit looks glamorous without being raunchy. Wear it with high heels and a wrist accessory and you are ready to make a splash at the next party!

Traditional Jumpsuits

 Radhika Gulati's Traditional Jumpsuit | Jump Onto the Jumpsuit Bandwagon

The trend of jumpsuits in India has potential to make inroads into even traditional wear what with designers fusing ethnic prints and textiles with the contemporary silhouette of the jumpsuit. Don’t just take our word for it; take a look at this Radhika Gulati jumpsuit. Team it with some chunky bangles, a jewelled clutch and a pair of chandelier earrings and you are all set to arrive at a wedding in style!

 Eclectic Green Jumpsuit | Jump Onto the Jumpsuit Bandwagon

In addition to Radhika Gulati, there is a growing crop of designers who are creating traditional jumpsuits in India. Among them, we think that Rinku Sobti also has done an amazing job at fusing traditional and modern styles. Her eclectic green jumpsuit is a dress that we think can be a staple for someone who wants to make a lasting impression every single time. Just pair it with vintage sunnies, a sling bag and wedge heels for a day out or a fun party - we’re sure you will be the centre of attention.

Having seen some of the amazing jumpsuits we have on offer here, we are sure that you can see how stylish they can be. Jumpsuits in India are all set to become mainstream fashion soon. If you ask us, we’d tell you not to shy away from experimenting. Grab the first mover advantage and jump onto the jumpsuit bandwagon to put your best foot forward and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Image source: Strand of Silk

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