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Indian Fashion Blog / Stylish Thoughts / Interview Nachiket Barve Alchemy 2012

28 th Apr 2012

One of India's most high-profile up and coming designers, Nachiket Barve has gained experience in some of the world's most prestigious fashion houses. Having trained with Michael Kors at Celine, Nachiket went on to work with some of India's key textile designers, before developing his own contemporary label.

Nachiket's collection for Alchemy 2012 perfectly captured his philosophy of combining luxury and innovation, globalism with Indian craftsmanship. We caught up with Nachiket after the show to ask him a few questions about his inspiration.

How would you describe the collection you presented at Alchemy in three short phrases?

Innovative, global, relevant.

Having worked with Michael Kors in a western studio, how did you bring this into your personal design?

To be very honest, I think coming from India, you take your Indian roots for granted and working at Celine was about learning qualities on a global platform. But more than that, it helped me see how Indian I really was. So I got back to my roots in a way that otherwise I would probably not have.

Interview With Nachiket Barve Backstage at the Alchemy Festival in London

The mission of Strand of Silk is bringing the East to the West. Which aspects do you believe to be important when doing this?

I think it's important that people speak a certain language of design. It has to be something which is adaptable to the market that you are working with. While all of us are getting increasingly globalized, we have to be very local in a certain way, so something which is quintessentially Indian, French or English. So there have to be elements which are open to be adapted by a new market.

How would you finish the sentence: London is...?


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