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INTERVIEW WITH LITTLE SHILPA at Alchemy 2012 - Stylish Thoughts
30 th Apr 2012

Accessory designer Shilpa Chavan is famous worldwide for her innovative headpieces and jewellery. After studying at Central St Martins in London, Shilpa worked with top milliner Philip Treacy, before starting her own Mumbai based label "Little Shilpa". Counting Lady Gaga amongst her clients, Shilpa continues to design creations that push the boundaries of fashion as we know it.

For the Alchemy 2012 fashion show, Shilpa designed an incredible headpiece inspired by the ingredients of Cobra beer. We chatted to her after the show about the piece, and about her mission to bring a splash of colour to London.

How would you describe your headpiece showed at Alchemy in three short phrases?

Raw materials from Cobra beer, organic, dramatic

I have read that the inspiration of your work arises from the dressing styles of the local people all over the world. Where do you get your greatest inspiration and how does this affect your designs?

My greatest inspiration comes from the streets and the markets in Bombay. I get very attracted to shape and colour. So I look at things if I like the colour or I like the shape I bring those in and then sometimes these things or these people will stay with me for a few years and then one day I just take them out and make them into a shape. So I don't really plan it.

Backstage Interview With Silpha Chavan (Little Shilpa) at the Alchemy Festival in London


The Mission of Strand of Silk is bringing the East to the West. What aspects do you believe to be important when doing this?

Bringing colour to the West. Why must you always wear grey, black and brown in the winter? Definitely bringing colour to the West.

How would you finish the sentence: London is...?

London is my dream. I want to move and live in London right now.

Little Shilpa's Show at Alchemy 2012 - Behind the Scenes

Little Shilpa's Show at Alchemy 2012


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