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Indian Fashion Blog / Stylish Thoughts / Interview Gaurav Gupta Alchemy 2012

01 st May 2012

After training at Central Saint Martins College, London, Gaurav Gupta has gone on to win awards in both Europe and Asia - most notably, the Future of Couture trophy in Rome. He has recently opened a flagship store in India's DLF Emporio Mall, and is adept at creating luxurious designs with a modern twist.

Gaurav's collection for Alchemy 2012 showcased his love of drapery and giving well-loved classics a playful twist. We caught up with him to ask him about his latest project, and to find out what London means to him:

How would you describe you collection showed at Alchemy in three short phrases?

Surreal, progressive, abstract.

Your newest project is called "The Paradigm Shift". Can you tell me something about this project?

I did a mini retrospective at Emporio which is a mall in India (Delhi). It was all about what we have done and the shift in fashion to and from India. There were mannequins hanging from the ceilings over 50 metres down with huge installations around.

Interview With Gaurav Gupta Backstage at the Alchemy Festival in London

The Mission of Strand of Silk is bringing the East to the world. Bringing East to West - what are the aspects you believe to be important when doing this ?

I think the world is one place now and I think It's about awareness and about mixing cultures. It's already happening, but I think it should be done in a more progressive way, there need to be more innovative ways of doing that. In fashion It's important to make people more aware.

How would you finish the sentence: London is...?

London is just a world in itself. It is an amalgamation of the entire world, people coming together in one way. It's always colourful and so much bigger and progressive. It's always eager. It's always doing something. It's always running. It's always full of energy.

Indian Designer Gaurav Gupta's Collections on the Ramp at Alchemy 2012

Indian Designer Gaurav Gupta's Collections on the Ramp at Alchemy 2012

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