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04 th Apr 2012

How would you describe your style? Where do your influences come from?

My style changes quite a bit over time, both with the seasons (I wear a lot of black in winter, and colour in the summer) and just generally over the years. I try not to follow fashion trends too religiously, my personal style is much more interesting when you wear pieces that you love, regardless of what other people think. My influences come from friends and family, places I've been to and other eras - at the moment I've got a real thing for long 70s dresses.

Blogging about fashion, food, general lifestyle and interest in diverse cultures, How does this all come together?

I'm not sure that it does! When I first started blogging, I wasn't writing for anyone except me and I didn't even know if anyone would be interested in reading my posts. Now, I still blog about the things that interest me and those just happen to range from shoes I've fallen in love with to pickle I've made or a fascinating place that I've just visited. It might not all be to everyone's taste, but I hope that there'll be at least something to suit most readers. And if not, well at least I can label it "eclectic".

How does your love for indian fashion fit with your london lifestyle?

London is a great place to experiment with fashion. You can wear the most unusual of designs and people will barely bat an eyelid, which I think is wonderful. There are also so many places where clothes and accessories can be sourced, and so many different collaborations by people from all over the world. I enjoy wearing Indian fashion both as part of my everyday wardrobe and for special events and I particularly enjoy the occasions that the latter provide for wearing really beautiful, intricate pieces.

In a past interview you mentioned India to be your top travel destination, what was the most memorable experience / discovery during your visit(s)?

I've only been to India once, although I'm desperate to visit again. I spent time in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Ananda in the Himalayas. I had so many incredible new experiences during my time there that I could witter on for pages, but I think one of the most memorable would have to be visiting my Hindu uncle's pandit to see the family archives. They were stored in a fire proof metal cupboard, and dated back to the 17th century. Even my uncle had only seen them a few times in his lifetime, so I felt incredibly privileged to be able to see them, hold them, and even write my own entry for future generations to read.

What would you say are the things that most speak Indian culture to you? And how would you define the culture itself?

Indian culture to me is very much about people about channelling human emotions and aspirations. Whether it's art, cooking, film-making or orating, Indian culture always has a lot of energy in it, and a lot of history. I love it, and I've never come across anything else quite like it.

Bringing the east to the west, sometimes used as a storyline for comedies, but on a more realistic note, how do you find a way to relate with the two cultures?

It's a very interesting question! I've grown up around an uncle who moved to England from India over 50 years ago and now lives in Kent so I'm very used to aspects of the East and West presenting themselves side by side. I think I'm very lucky to have been able to experience elements of both, although of course there's still so much more for me to discover and explore when it comes to Eastern culture.

Your thoughts about Indian designers today? The traditional and/or the contemporary?

I love traditional Indian clothes but I'm also impressed by how contemporary designers manage to take elements from them and make them fresh and new. Designers like Abraham and Thakore and Siddartha Tytler manage to create modern clothes that are feminine, striking and incredibly wearable but without losing that sense of Indian heritage. It's a breath-taking combination.

If you could be granted one wish what would it be?

It's a difficult question to answerand there are so many things that are wrong with the world that could be put right with a wish. I think I'd have to think it over for a good long time, so hopefully the genie would be patient!

Finish the sentence

Recently discovering ... Gregory David Roberts novel Shantaram, set in the slums of Bombay, has really got me back into reading. I'm very grateful to the friends who recommended it.

If only I could ... invent a way to squeeze some extra hours in to the day...There are so many exciting things to do, and not enough time to do them in!

My wardrobe is ... rickety! But full of beautiful things, from vintage pieces to beautiful outfits purchased in Delhi.

I would like to visit ... Kerala. It sounds like a wonderful place, and I can't help but fantasize about the food there.

I'll be dining at ... The Cinnamon Club as soon as I can persuade my husband to take me there again! The cocktails are wonderful and the restaurant serves exquisite fusion food.

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