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21 st Mar 2012

My introduction to the world of clothes and fashion started in 7th grade - reading and sketching from Archie and Katy Keene comic books and watching mom make bespoke 80's style dresses for me. In spite of studying Sciences and English literature, I followed my fashion dreams only after having convinced my Mathematician dad that I wasn't just going to be a dress maker!

I love travelling, reading, listening to music, singing, dancing, scribbling, people watching and participating in some non-life threatening adventure sports. I'm not an atheist, completely a-political, average thinker and occasionally turn into a rebel with a cause.

Current status: Love life, adore my family and friends, at peace.

What led you to what you're doing now?

I am a fashion designer, stylist. Post my graduation from NIFT, I started as a merchandiser - it helped me understand how the industry functioned from the grass root level, after a couple of years and a stint in Bangladesh, I moved to the buying side of the business, designing all along. Over time, I moved into product development and trend analysis. At Li & Fung, I had the opportunity to work on some of the top international labels.

I took a sabbatical after a few years to raise my two children, and decided at this time to utilize my skills in trend understanding, forecasting et al and match it to fill the consumer understanding gap that exists in the fashion space in India. It started with and it has been well accepted and appreciated. The 9-month old blog was recently nominated as the blog of the year at the WATAwards 2012, alongside heavyweights such as MTV, Mahindra Rise etc.

What are your thoughts on contemporary fashion in India? How is this effecting the fashion scene?

Indian designers' focus in last couple of season has moved to a contemporary fashion space in a big way. There are more upcoming designers developing extensive pret lines based on international fashion silhouettes with an ethnic flavour and vice versa. It's an interesting global fashion hotpot brewing right here. making the fashion scene more exciting and challenging by catering to everyone's taste and sensibilities.

Following trends, what do you see happening in the Indian fashion scene next?

Niche is the new mass. Especially on the web, which allows people to make more focused purchases that are also well-informed. Collaborations, partnerships, big brands moving into India and Indian designers getting recognition and retail spaces around the Globe.

Recently awarded with blog of the year, what advice would you give to style seekers looking for something 'new'?

Trends start on the streets. If you are online, look up not the trends, but what has gone behind it. The keywords, moods etc.. blogs do a good job of talking about these original factors. Use that to look within “do you associate with those moods“ if yes, look at what you have and then look out for those scarves, colours and trinkets. Be the mood - trend will follow you.

Style notes what's the most important aspect to your outfit? Why?

I have a bohemian side, forward yet traditional upbringing,worked for the international fashion industry, exposed to the arts and crafts from India and lived in the the capital city. So besides seeking right fit, colors and silhouettes that work for me, it's the quality and comfort and a huge doze of 'unusual' that becomes the most important aspect for my outfit!

As a trend reader with experience in trend forecasting, what do you think is the most influential trend at the moment?

The spring brights and mixed prints trends are new and different from previous seasons. In silhouettes, I'm seeing a lot of uneven hemlines in structured as well as draped styles that are easy to wear and look good.

Do you have any favorite spots where you go to search for inspiration?

The style or what I want to write about usually springs up from something I read on twitter, a news item or book review that took my mind places, a journey, even road side art exhibits, movies, music, commercials on TV - people and interesting conversations, they all add fuel and reading everything opens your mind to new ideas, other's thoughts. There's inspiration everywhere.

What are you....
Listening to? Fireworks by Katy Perry, Moves like Jagger by Maroon -5, Pink, Eagle Eye Cherry, Adele, & Coldplay!
Cooking? Prawn Malai Curry
Reading? Ali in Wonderland: And Other Tall Tales by Ali Wentworth
Looking forward to? Tomorrow !

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