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Innovative Blouse Designs Seen On The Runway At The India Couture Week 2019
Innovative Blouse Designs Seen On The Runway At The India Couture Week 2019
16 th Aug 2019

As you start trend spotting and outfit planning for the upcoming festive and wedding season, there is definitely a need for time saving all-inclusive lists. A concise yet precise summary of all the worthy trends that will rule the roost when it comes to wedding dressing in 2019. The recently concluded India Couture Week was the first in a myriad of Indian fashion weeks that have become the norm these days. With so many different fashion weeks happening nearly every other month in both Mumbai and Delhi, it’s often harder to spot emerging trends. Many detractors of too many such events will argue that unfortunately none of them have a differentiating factor making them blend into one another with each passing year.

The justification or futility of several fashion weeks with no one event being certified, as the industry standard is a conversation for another post. Because this is all about the gorgeousness of statement blouses seen on the runway. While you might be pinning and bookmarking saris and lehengas, it’s easy to forget that sometimes a mini garment like the blouse can be an outfit game changer. It can even work to effectively upcycle an existing ensemble by totally changing the styling and making it look nothing like the original. With the revival of high stakes drama as the more-is-more adage is back in play in all categories of Indian fashion, blouses too have taken on a really extravagant look.

Indian designers have been rolling out everything from floral blouses juxtaposed with sculptural detailing to eye-popping plunge necklines accented with feathers and capes. The latest in blouses from the biggest names at the India Couture Week is decidedly unconventional to say the least. Barely-there blouses that flirted with the fine line between outerwear and lingerie, embellished silhouettes with exaggerated sleeves and backs or sustainable versions crafted from Tencel fibres. There was a blouse style to placate every personal style aesthetic and design palette.

Deconstructed Twists & Turns

Both Amit Aggarwal and Reynu Taandon played with the concept of the itsy-bitsy bandeau style blouse to balance out decadent lehengas. These blouses offset heavily embroidered lehengas by going sans embellishments and working with fabrics and textures expertly tailored into stylised twists and turns. Matchy matchy lehenga and blouse sets are too passé and these western inspired blouses lend your traditional looks a more contemporary vibe. Metallic fabrics, avant-garde straps and strategic cut outs formed the corner stone of these blouses that can easily be traded in for your crop tops for a night out.

Best Blouses | Twists & Turns

Blouse Designs By Amit Aggarwal & Reynu Taandon

Revamped Off Shoulders

Although the off shoulder blouse has been having its moment since a while now, there has been a much required and appreciated revamp of the trending style. Gaurav Gupta put his own spin on the classic floral applique by designing a pastel off shoulder blouse that resembled a bow of abstract modern art proportions. While Suneet Verma’s take on the off shoulder blouse was much more fitted and structured. His luxe silk blouse featured intricate floral embroidery with tassels and a fold over neckline that was completely reminiscent of Victorian era ball gowns.

Best Blouses | Off Shoulder

Blouse Designs By Gaurav Gupta & Suneet Verma

Experimental Sheer Overlays

The OTT vibe of blouses at the India Couture Week was also about well-balanced opposing fabrics like sheer overlays. The concept by itself isn’t something utterly novel as many designers have constantly toyed with the idea in some form. However what piqued our interest in it again was the contradictory treatment of the same logic in the hands of different designers. Pankaj and Nidhi contrasted their voluminous lehengas with shirt style blouses accented with poufy tulle balloon sleeves. Ideal for the diva-liscious bridesmaid who is all about couture. Rahul Mishra made a case for more modest yet equally beguiling blouse designs, where the overlays blended seamlessly into the overall ensemble, while also enticing the onlooker with a bit of cheeky translucent skin.

Best Blouses | Sheer Overlays

Blouse Designs By Pankaj & Nidhi and Rahul Mishra

Bold Low Cuts

An ample bosom with loads of cleavage is definitely back as daring low cuts on otherwise conventional blouse silhouettes were a recurring trend at the India Couture Week 2019. Shyamal and Bhumika presented the teeny-weeny bikini blouse with delicate embroidery and attached sleeves finished off with tassels. Falguni and Shane Peacock’s plunging neckline blouses were full of shimmery corseted fabulousness with an added dose of oomph brought in by the feathers on the sleeves and the attached capes. Heavily inspired by the famous characters of the blockbuster fantasy drama series Game Of Thrones. Tarun Tahiliani went down the ethnic route putting forth intricately embroidered elbow length blouses hugely evocative of the paintings from ancient Indian mythology.

Best Blouses | Low Cuts

Blouse Designs By Shyamal & Bhumika, Falguni & Shane Peacock and Tarun Tahiliani



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