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Colours To Compliment That Gorgeous Dusky Indian Complexion
Indian Wedding Outfit Colours To Compliment Gorgeous Dusky Complexion
08 th Nov 2017

Most Indians tend to be programmed to automatically consider fair skin as more desirable. The explanations for this preoccupation with fair skin range from colonial complexes to caste distinctions. It was often assumed that darker skinned individuals spent a considerable amount of time outside doing manual labour versus fair skinned people who had the means to afford help and could enjoy the luxury of being indoors. While this reasoning made sense in pre-Independence India, it has also ingrained a very prejudicial way of thinking that sometimes still persists.

Thankfully this old mind-set is changing especially in urban cities that attract a more cosmopolitan and highly educated population. Young modern India doesn’t judge beauty on the basis of complexion and dusky girls everywhere have role models in beauties like Bipasha Basu, Chitrangada Singh and Richa Chadda. Indian fashion is also not far behind with many models being sought after for their darker olive skin both indigenously and internationally.

Even with all the strides, it’s sometimes unfortunate that many stunning dusky brides feel the pressure to go for skin lightening treatments like chemical peels and IV glutathione drips. But there are others who take great pride in their complexion and aren’t willing to change it to please others. As more and more Indian designers embrace the beauty of darker skins, there has been an emergence of all encompassing collections to suit everyone.

At the forefront of this evolution is Sabyasachi Mukherjee who has championed the cause for everything ethnically Indian. The models in his campaigns are a clear mix of complexions proving that being light skinned is not the only pre-requisite to being attractive. We have referenced his designs to prove that every colour can suit wheatish and dusky complexions as well. But just like fair skin, it’s important to pick the most flattering shade to make your lehenga pop.

So throw all those dusky-skinned-gal-fashion-rules out the window because we’re here to prove that whatever fair girls can do, dusky girls can do it even better.

Goodbye Reds……..Hello Plums and Maroons

Why bother with dated reds that have been a bridal lehenga staple since the times of your grandma. Most dusky brides are afraid of red because they automatically assume it’s a fair girl’s colour. The truth cannot be further from it because darker richer plums and maroons look stunning on darker complexions. It also doesn’t hurt at all that they’re massively trending right now especially coupled with luxurious fabrics like velvet.

Colours For Dusky Ladies | Plum

Plum Lehengas For Dusky Ladies

Black Magic Woman

It’s true that black goes with everything but many Indian women are averse to the colour. Some families consider it inauspicious but that doesn’t mean you can’t go black for non-religious occasions. Black might look lovely on fair skin but it can look totally regal on olive skin. Jet black with dull gold or copper embroidery with its extreme contrasts is a hard combination to pull off but dusky beauties can smirk their way through carrying it off effortlessly.

Black | Colours For Dusky Ladies

Black Lehengas For Dusky Ladies

Gold Rush

Metallic gold lehengas are a massive style statement and one that many dusky girls shy away from without realising how resplendent the colour can look against their skin tone. The yellow undertones in gold really bring out the warmer tones in darker skins making it look as if you’re glowing. And let’s face it ladies, that lit from within look is what we all strive for no matter what our skin colour.

Gold | Colours For Dusky Ladies

Gold Lehengas For Dusky Ladies

Pastel Peaches and Cream

This one is about busting two major fashion myths in one sweep. Firstly, fairer girls might have the monopoly on the peaches and cream complexion but that doesn’t mean the colours are off limits for darker lovelies. Secondly, fair skins might have favoured pastels in the past but that too has changed thanks to the immense variety in shades of pastels. With more sophisticated dyeing techniques it’s possible to create any number of undertones for any colour and pastels are no different. A warm pastel peach lehenga with yellow-based hues can look just as luscious on dusky ladies as on fair ones.

Peach | Colours For Dusky Ladies

Peach Lehengas For Dusky Ladies

Unconventional Browns

Grey was always a favourite amongst darker ladies when they wanted to go for more offbeat colours. While grey is still extremely versatile, there has also been an emergence of different tones of brown. The earthy colour has been reinvented with a myriad of mixed undertones to make it lehenga worthy for any discerning fashionista. With everything from blue based to maroon blended browns on offer there is no reason not to make heads turn in this fabulously unconventional colour.

Brown | Colours For Dusky Ladies

Brown Sharara For Dusky Ladies



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