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Indian Wedding Dresses for your Body Shape | Indian Wedding Outfits
Indian Wedding Dresses for your Body Shape
29 th Dec 2014

Picking the prefect wedding dress can be a challenging task, with the sheer amount of indian wedding dresses to pick from, aswell as the huge amount styles and shapes. An Indian brides wedding is the most important day in her life, so it’s important to find that perfect dress that not only suits your own personal tastes but also your body shape. 

Pear: If you have a petite top half teamed with a more shapely waist and lower body, the most flattering outfits are those with heavy detailing on top. I wouldn’t suggest a tube style top or a top, which has a high collar but a great choice for this shape is a V neck top teamed with a short style blouse to highlight your little waist or even go for a textured/padded top to create the impression of a larger bust. If you’re going for a Lehenga, go for a bigger floatly shape rather than a mermaid skirt.

Indian Wedding Dresses for your Body Shape | Pear

Apple: If your body shape is apple, then opt for softer fabrics like chiffons and go for a style that compliments your shape, styles like Anarkails are great for there flowing shape, aswell as Sharara styles. These styles draw attention away from a larger upper body as the material flows elegantly outwards as it goes downwards.

Indian Wedding Dresses for your Body Shape | Apple

Hourglass: A lot of Indian wedding dresses work for this shape, such as Anarkali suits, opt for tighter fabrics to accentuate the mid section of your figure. Lehengas with shorter tops look great to show off your waste aswell as draped sarees. However, I would not suggest mermaid lehengas as they emphasize larger hips/bum and isn’t the most flattering for hourglass shapes.

Indian Wedding Dresses for your Body Shape | Hourglass

Petite: A petite shape look for Indian wedding dresses or outfits should create the appearance of height and doesn’t make the body look smaller. A lehenga that’s shows off the stomach could be unflatteing due to created too much negative space for the petite shape. A flattering choice would be an outfit that is fairly dainty that does not have too much heavy and clingy fabrics draped over the body. A great style and look for the petite girls is a choori dar or anarkali suit which has longer sleeves, this therefore forcuses on the vertical areas of the body. Go for flattering U or V style necklines.

Petite Body Shape | Indian Wedding Dresses for your Body Shape

Slim Athletic: This body shapes is extremely versatile and suits almost every style of Indian wedding dress and outfit! Both together fitting and floaty styles suit this body shapes, but the most flattering would be mermaid shape lehengas as they will add some shape/curves to your body shape.

Indian Wedding Dresses for your Body Shape | Athletic


Sources: Passion for Fashion

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