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Indian wear Not always Synonymous with Bridal Wear - Stylish Thoughts
Indian wear Not always Synonymous with Bridal Wear
23 rd Jul 2013

The common notion is that Indian fashion is synonymous with bridal wear. This assumption is based broadly on the intricacy of work on each piece and the time spent in making it.

Most Indian designer collections look so rich that they are naturally assumed to be for special occasions. Although that is not the case!

Indian designer collections also have a lot of styles that can be defined as the ready to wear, here we list out some contemporary styles from the Indian collections that could be part of your everyday wardrobe:

  • The Tunic: This was traditionally under the same category as a Kurta. By altering its length and style, this silhouette began to be called the "tunic". It is a very confortable silhouette, which allows to be paired with leggings, denims and sometimes skirts. In simple terms it is a straight cut top reaching to a mid thigh length. Its length makes it ideal to be worn by all body types. The latest tunics in our collections are by Indian designer Karieshma Sarnaa and am: pm.
  • Dresses: Though Indian in their inspiration and detailing, dresses are very much a part of the contemporary Indian fashion. The lengths of the dresses typically lie between slightly above the knee to full length. They are unique in their aesthetic appeal as the silhouettes may be contemporary but they still poses a hint of some traditional Indian detail in terms of textures, surface techniques or motifs. The latest collection of dresses we have are by Indian designers Babita Malkani, Rimi Nayak and am:pm
  • Jackets: This is another very interesting silhouette that has beautifully been incorporated in the contemporary Indian styles. Earlier jackets were seen worn on a kind of Indian bridal lehenga called the "Sharara". From here on they were seen to adapt and mould as the years progressed. Then there was an era when jackets mimicked the silhouette of the men's suit jacket and were embellished. Today Indian fashion designers have made beautiful jackets that can be paired with dresses, trousers, tops and salwar suits. From our collections the most contemporary jackets are seen by Indian fashion designers am: pm and Siddartha Tytler.

There are a lot more styles that Indian fashion designers have presented over the years, which are not just bridal styles. With Indian fashion having gone global so rapidly the contemporary silhouettes are more than just Indian bridal fashion. Proceed to our home page to view more collections by Indian fashion designers.

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