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Indian Skirt-ing It!
28 th Oct 2015

The skirt is possibly the only garment in the history of female attire that has remained a constant irrespective of region, race, culture or climate.

Every country in the world has some version of the skirt embedded into the chronicles of its female population’s fashion evolution.

Long, short, asymmetrical, straight, flared, fitted or loose, the skirt is truly an icon of femininity in each of its forms.

When these forms converge with opulent fabrics, lush embellishments and meticulous craftsmanship, the humble skirt is reinvented into the Indian skirt or lehenga.

The Indian skirt like everything else about its country of origin is all about bright, colourful and bold statements. During the Vedic era women from affluent families wore skirts fashioned specially from imported Chinese silks while those of more modest means wore skirts made from cotton and other locally grown fabrics. The skirt has undergone several transformations and will continue to be reinterpreted in the times to come but will never become outdated. Just like the classic sari, an impeccably tailored Indian skirt is a timeless treasure.

With its innate ability to make every woman feel like royalty, it’s no surprise that the Indian skirt is a bridal and wedding guest favourite. And thankfully every style savvy lady of today knows that the 18 kali full flared lehenga that is bigger than the wedding tent itself, is not the answer to all her Indian skirt selection issues. There is a buffet of silhouettes of Indian skirts available to flatter every modern woman’s body type, much like the humongous spread laid out at every wedding function to suit the mood of the festivities.

Straight Cut Style

As the name suggests, a straight cut Indian skirt is simple and to the point. Resembling a wrap around skirt without the overlapping, the straight cut Indian skirt spells vintage glamour and is the style most preferred by all women. The easy shape and clean lines are ideal to showcase every aspect of the intricate embroidery while flattering nearly all body types. 

Indian Skirts - Straight Cut from Strand of Silk Designers Narendra Kumar, Spoilt Chic, Siddhartha Tytler, Anita Dongre, Raakesh Agarvwal

Source: Strandofsilk

  1. Maroon Coloured Lehenga by Narendra Kumar
  2. Hot Pink Raw Silk Lehenga by Spoilt Chic
  3. Cream Eight Kali Lehenga by Siddhartha Tytler
  4. Stunning Black Embroidered Set by Anita Dongre
  5. Peach Embellished Lehenga by Raakesh Agarvwal

A-Line Style

Pear shaped beauties can rock an A-line Indian skirt as its narrow on the top with a minimal flare at the bottom without being overly fitted. Cut in the shape of the letter A, this skirt balances out the heavier lower body with the narrow upper body by creating an illusion of symmetry with its cut. Another cult classic style that always comes back in vogue every few years; you can consider this Indian skirt style a solid investment. 

Indian Skirts - A Line Style from Strand of Silk Designers Anita Dongre, Raakesh Agarvwal, Yosshita & Neha

Source: Strandofsilk

  1. Stunning Orange Embellished Lehenga by Anita Dongre
  2. The Malika Lehenga by Anita Dongre
  3. Elegant Hot Pink Lehenga by Anita Dongre
  4. Heavy Embroidered Lehenga by Raakesh Agarvwal
  5. Mango Yellow And Orange Lehenga by Yosshita & Neha

Mermaid or Fish-Cut Style

For those who want to break away from tradition the mermaid or fish-cut style Indian skirt retains the old with a hint of new. This style is very fitted from the waist down to the knees with a heavy flare at the bottom. For cuties with straight or athletic bodies that need to create the illusion of curves or for curvy lovelies who don’t need any help in that department, this Indian skirt style paired with a snug fitting low cut blouse or corset is the ideal combination. 

Indian Skirts - Mermaid or Fish Tale Style from Strand of Silk Designers Mandira Wirk, Raakesh Agarvwal

Source: Strandofsilk

  1. Architectural Gold Lehenga by Mandira Wirk
  2. Pink Silver Lehenga by Raakesh Agarvwal
  3. Red Fish-Tale Lehenga by Raakesh Agarvwal
  4. Mixed Orange Lehenga by Raakesh Agarvwal

Panelled or Flared Style

Graceful, spectacular and over the top perfectly describe this Indian skirt style. Created by fusing together numerous symmetrical panels that get progressively broader at the bottom and are dripping with embellishments, the panelled or flared style Indian skirt is the stuff of dreams for those who love extravagant fashion. The sheer amount of detailing can be strategically used to distract from imperfections by drawing the eyes towards the beautiful embroidery and colours. Bottom heavy ladies can wear bright colours on top and muted hues at the bottom as the massive flare of the skirt creates a slimming effect. And top-heavy ladies can wear subdued shades on top and bold colours and embroideries from the waist down. 

Indian Skirts - Panelled or Flared Style from Strand of Silk Designers Yosshita & Neha, Anita Dongre, Saroj Jalan

Source: Strandofsilk

  1. Blue And Peach Net Lehenga by Yosshita & Neha
  2. The Aakaanksha Lehenga by Anita Dongre
  3. Traditional Red And Green Lehenga by Saroj Jalan
  4. Fuchsia Pink And Orange Lehenga by Yosshita & Neha
  5. Stunning Embellished Lehenga by Saroj Jalan

Circular Style

If your love the glamour of a princess style gown then the circular style Indian skirt is your ideal match. This skirt style boasts of a broad flare and massive volume with the aid of several layers of net underneath. Stitched with silky flowing fabrics and detailed with intricate or large embroideries, the circular style skirt flatters the frame of cone or apple shaped ladies perfectly. The voluminous skirt with a fitted blouse balances out the narrow upper body or can be paired with a long jacket to create the illusion of a slimmer waist on those with larger bellies. 

Indian Skirt - Circular Style 1 from Strand of Silk Designer Anita Dongre

Source: Strandofsilk

  1. The Nalika Lehenga by Anita Dongre
  2. Regal Black Gota Pati Lehenga by Anita Dongre
  3. Lime Gotta Patti Lehenga Set by Anita Dongre
  4. Net Cream Lehenga Set by Anita Dongre
  5. Brocade Cream Lehenga Set by Anita Dongre


Indian Skirt - Circular Style 2 from Strand of Silk Designers Neha Gursahani, Saroj Jalan, Anita Dongre, Siddartha Tytler, Sougat Paul

Source: Strandofsilk

  1. Gorgeous Rani Pink Lehenga Set by Neha Gursahani
  2. Blue Zardosi Embroidered Lehenga by Saroj Jalan
  3. Chic Net Brocade Lehenga by Anita Dongre
  4. Crystal Highlighted Lehenga by Siddartha Tytler
  5. Cleo Lehenga Set by Sougat Paul

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